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More districts are paying teachers strategically to meet critical needs. Is yours?
District incentives to recruit and retain teachers will likely fall short if they lack specific attention to the needs of hard-to-staff subjects and schools. In this District Trendline, we examine...

Transforming education: The LEARNS Act's impact on teacher salaries in Arkansas
In March 2023, Arkansas passed the Literacy, Empowerment, Accountability, Readiness, Networking and School Safety Act (LEARNS). A recent research brief from the University of Arkansas analyzes how LEARNS has influenced...

OK, Boomer: Why younger generations may be more effective teachers,-Boomer:-Why-younger-generations-may-be-more-effective-teachers
New research found measurable differences in teacher quality between different generations of teachers—with Baby Boomers being least effective.

Building a strong student teaching model: Districts and teacher prep programs share successes and challenges

Affording to stay healthy: The costs of health insurance for teachers
The skyrocketing price of health insurance impacts both teachers and school districts. Here's how some education leaders are keeping health insurance affordable for teachers.

Driving change through research: A look back at 2023
NCTQ's Teacher Quality Bulletin distills the latest education research into clear, actionable information for education leaders. From topics like effective reading instruction to teacher diversity, here are the posts that...

Are your substitute teachers getting paid more at Walmart?
Districts nationally are struggling to build strong pools of substitute teachers. Yet in 40% of the large districts we analyzed, entry-level substitute teachers are paid less than what they would...

What are the long-term effects of teacher performance pay on student outcomes?
New Research Reveals Surprising Long-Term Effects of Teacher Performance Pay on Students.

State of the States 2023: Policies to Increase Teacher Diversity
Despite robust research that shows that teachers of color increase positive academic, social-emotional, and behavioral outcomes for all students, particularly students of color, new data and analysis from the National...

Paraprofessionals: Understudied, undercompensated, and in short supply,-undercompensated,-and-in-short-supply-
Little is know about paraprofessionals in the classroom, but a recent study in Washington sheds some much-needed light on these important players.

Scrambling to hire teachers doesn’t have to be a recurring rat race
Filling those hard-to-staff teacher vacancies doesn't have to be so hard. Making a few straightforward adjustments to compensation, incentives, and partnerships can change the game.

State of the States 2023: Policies to Increase Teacher Diversity

Coming up ACEs in Dallas: Differentiated pay for teachers and dramatic gains for students
A new study examines a program in Dallas—Accelerating Campus Excellence or ACE—that sought to boost teacher pay for stellar educators willing to teach in high-poverty schools. Compared to similar schools...

Teacher salaries, cost of rent, and home prices: Can teachers afford to live where they teach?,-cost-of-rent,-and-home-prices:-Can-teachers-afford-to-live-where-they-teach
Lack of affordable housing exacerbates the teacher staffing challenges that many school districts face.

What’s in a school? Would a teacher in any other setting be as effective?
The answer (perhaps less satisfying than policy wonks would like) is that It depends on the school context.

A look back on how school districts are preparing for the years ahead
The most popular District Trendline posts of 2022, with topics ranging from pay increases for substitutes to building a positive school climate

From the source: What strategies do teachers of color believe will be most successful in recruiting and retaining teachers of color?
A new RAND Corporation survey asked teachers what would be the most effective strategies to recruit and retain more teachers of color.

Eight ways states can act now to retain an effective, diverse teacher workforce,-diverse-teacher-workforce
A focus on teacherrecruitment without appropriate attention to retention is like trying tocollect water in a sieve.

How are school districts using strategic pay to attract and retain teachers where they need them?
We examine if and how 148 large U.S. school districts use strategic pay to recruit and retain teachers.

State of the States 2022: Teacher Compensation Strategies
Salaries are one of the most powerful policy levers states and school districts can use to attract qualified, effective, and diverse teachers. However, strategic pay remains underutilized as a tool...

Best bang for your buck? Teachers’ salaries are higher inside the classroom than out of it
A new working paper provides evidence that newly credentialed teachers earn higher salaries if they enter the classroom, rather than pursuing other job opportunities.

Making Secretary Cardona’s vision for the teaching profession a reality
Beyond the important areas outlined in the Secretary's remarks, we see two big challenges to the goal of access and equity to quality teachers that have yet to be addressed.

Strategies to build a sustainable special education teacher workforce
An examination of incentives offered by states and large school districts.

What teachers really want: It isn’t just higher salaries
Every now and then, conventional wisdom gets it wrong.

Are teacher salaries keeping up with inflation?
An in-depth look at whether teacher salary increases have kept pace with rising consumer prices.

Pay increases and other non-obscure strategies to address the substitute teacher shortage
How several large school districts are revisiting policies surrounding pay and health benefits to attract prospective substitute teachers.

Teacher quality in 2021: A story of resilience
Our nation's educators and students are exhausted and embattled, but not beaten.

COVID-related incentives for teachers during the 2021-22 school year
Teachers faced many difficulties last year due to the pandemic. Concerns about teachers not returning for the 2021-22 school year weren't unfounded. We looked at the incentives that 148 large...

Do state collective bargaining rules influence district teacher policies?
An analysis of state rules on collective bargaining for teachers and the content of school districts' policies across 148 districts nationwide.

Does removing tenure lead to a retention problem?
Tenure, a hotly debated education policy lever, is often viewed as a component of a teacher's overall compensation package.

Smart Money 2.0
A new analysis by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) examines salary data and related compensation materials from 90 large school districts to determine lifetime earnings trajectories for teachers...

Reflections on Starbucks and rural teaching shortages
To attract teachers to rural areas we either have to come up with a significant and steady infusion of cash—or life in rural America needs to become a more attractive...

Ten school districts with the highest salaries for first-year teachers
For school district leaders, a crucial strategy for hiring a strong, effective teacher workforce is to offer competitive salaries.

The revolutionary retention strategy of investing in beginning teachers
We examine the extent to which beginning teachers are receiving any form of compensating differentials that would help increase teacher retention during the first few years in the classroom.

Performance pay programs that pay off
A new meta-analysis finds a positive and significant relationship of performance pay on student learning outcomes.

Upping the ante: The current state of teacher pay in the nation's large school districts
As we close in on one year of the COVID-19 lockdown, we examine how resources are being used to recruit and retain effective teachers.

Why, then, do teachers leave?,-then,-do-teachers-leave
Teacher turnover has proven to be not only costly for schools, but also detrimental to teacher effectiveness and student learning. Still, some teacher attrition is not always a bad thing,...

AASPA Benefit Survey On COVID-19 From PK-12 HR

Lessons from across the pond
Although Brexit and Megxit may be dominating headlines, politics and the royal family aren't the only issues worth reading up on from across the pond.

How evaluation ratings impact teacher pay

Ensuring strong and stable substitute teacher pools
What do substitute teacher pools look like across the largest school districts in the country and how can districts use strategic compensation and other innovative practices to ensure a strong...

You don't get what you pay for: paying teachers more for master's degrees
This month, the District Trendline looks at the role of advanced degrees in how teachers are paid.

You get what you pay for
Our drum is beating for both better base pay and much more strategic use of compensation dollars by school districts to purchase what they most need and value.

Three steps for creating and retaining a strong STEM teaching corps
Districts report the most difficulty not only filling STEM and special ed vacancies but keeping them filled with strong, effective teachers. Given these shortages, what can districts do to recruit...

Teacher Pay: When baby steps just aren’t enough
If we want to increase the number of teachers who believe that the teaching profession is valued by society from the current abysmal 36 percent, one place to start is...

The ins and outs of teacher salaries
This month, the District Trendline takes the teacher salary conversation back to the basics. We take a look at how teacher salaries are structured, how much teachers make, and investigate...

Inequities in the classroom: When the only thing missing is the will to act
In spite of a federal law requiring states to take action to ameliorate the inequitable distribution of teacher talent, many states (and consequently their districts) aren't doing much.

The high price of putting our heads in the sand
I know teacher evaluation is now considered toxic, but I've never been one to shy away from tilting at windmills.

Too short, still sweet: When successful systems lack longevity,-still-sweet:-When-successful-systems-lack-longevity
How can we fix well-documented disparities in the education experiences of children living in poverty?

Start Here to Become a Teacher
Peppered with plenty of advice from practicing teachers, Start Here to Become a Teacher provides advice to people interested in teaching and allows aspiring educators to more wisely "comparison shop"...

Hey, Michael Jackson … maybe it really DOES matter if you’re Black or White,-Michael-Jackson--maybe-it-really-DOES-matter-if-youre-Black-or-White
A new study confirms, yet again, the positive benefits of students of color having a teacher of the same race.

Measuring up: New study identifies districts and states that are seeing results with teacher evaluation systems
Teacher evaluation systems, when implemented well, are coinciding with real and measurable benefits for students and teachers alike.

A look back at teacher performance incentives
A new working paper published by the National Bureau of Economic Research compares two approaches to incentivizing teacher performance and highlights the value of initiatives aimed at rewarding ability and...

Do Board certified teachers propel whole schools forward?
The right incentives can motivate a student to do homework, an employee to hit a quota, and even a child to finish her vegetables.

Supply and demand 101: Teacher pay edition
In most job sectors,employers use their compensation dollars to purchase what they most value.

Making a Difference
The past decade has been marked by rapid changes in teacher evaluations. While many districts and states announced their intention to install better systems, they faced political and structural challenges....

Teacher pay matters. So does pay policy
Pay matters. The importance of pay generally isn't disputed, except when it comes to teachers.

What school districts can do to tackle teacher shortages
Coverage of teacher shortages tells of real struggles faced by districts, but it only tells part of the story.

Because you probably haven’t been paying attention…
Take your eyes off the pounding surf for a moment to read my top three interesting developments worth noting.

How do school districts compensate teachers for advanced degrees?
Among the largest districts in the country, 88 percent offer an increase in pay to teachers who earn master's degrees.

When more is less
Time and again research has failed to find evidence that earning a master's degree make a teacher more effective.

How are districts and states using pay to staff high-need schools and subjects?
Paying teachers more to work in high-need schools and subjects—known as "differential pay"—is one of the most powerful tools school districts have on hand to secure the teachers they need.

Teacher strikes: on the wisdom of restraint
Teachers who had been getting a particularly bad deal stood up to advocate for change in their states, but while the first strikes set off others, it hasn't really gone...

States, Strikes, and Teacher Salaries,-Strikes,-and-Teacher-Salaries
Teachers' demands in strikes across the country have varied, but there's no question that low salaries are one of the chief complaints. To provide some additional insight into what's motivating...

Strategic Teacher Compensation Databurst
NCTQ's Strategic Teacher Compensation Databurst is a study of states' strategic teacher compensation policies which includes a snapshot of all 50 states' and the District of Columbia's teacher compensation policies...

Does Opportunity Culture bring students more opportunities to learn?
About 20 school districts have adopted new staffing models known collectively as Opportunity Culture, each designed to maximize the impact of great teachers. Makes sense, but does it work? Thanks...

Performance Pay: How Teacher Evaluations Impact Compensation
In light of new research regarding performance pay, this month's Trendline takes a look at how a teacher's evaluation rating affects salary in some of the largest districts in each...

A new look at performance pay
A new study suggests that offering performance bonuses to a smaller segment of high performing teachers than is typical in schools using performance pay may be a smart move.

2017 State Differentiated Pay Policies
See how states fared on our policy goals for differentiated pay in 2017.

District Differentiated Pay Policies
Explore district-level data on differentiated pay from NCTQ's Teacher Contract Database.

Dallas pay for performance initiative producing positive results
NCTQ has long supported teacher pay for performance in school districts. Better pay can encourage the best teachers to stay in the classroom and prompt talented people to enter the...

Can teachers afford a place to call home?
Permit me to draw my inspiration from scripture, referencing the basic human needs of clothes on our backs, food to eat, and a shelter over our heads. How better to...

Low Pay Is Shutting Teachers Out Of Some Housing Markets
In 80 percent of the largest school districts, a teacher with an MA and five years' experience cannot comfortably afford housing payments.

October 2017: Does low pay shut teachers out of the housing market?
Teacher salaries are always in the news, but in the last few months we've noticed that housing affordability for teachers is in the spotlight, with many school districts exploring ways...

New NCTQ Analysis of Landmark Performance Pay Law Finds Almost No Buy-In from School Districts
As a growing number of states across the nation look for ways to recognize and reward excellent teachers, a new study from the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) reveals...

Florida Districts Fall Short In Implementing Performance Pay
In 2011, Florida's legislature passed an ambitious performance pay policy that requires districts to pay their most effective teachers the district's highest annual salary awards. Recognizing the importance of this...

Backing the Wrong Horse: The Story of One State's Ambitious But Disheartening Foray Into Performance Pay
Backing the Wrong Horse: The Story of One State's Ambitious But Disheartening Foray Into Performance Pay is part of the tenth annual publication in the State Teacher Policy Yearbook report...

May 2017: Differentiated Pay
This month, District Trendline asks the question "Just how common is differentiated pay for teachers?" To answer, we look at two common types of differentiated pay: more compensation either for...

A Missed Opportunity for Performance Pay Research
How can we evaluate the effectiveness of pay-for-performance compensation systems if those systems are implemented only half-heartedly? That continues to be the prevailing question, as we review yet another expensive...

Eight Districts Win First-Ever Great Districts for Great Teachers Initiative; School Districts Proved Greatness Through 18-Month Evaluation;-School-Districts-Proved-Greatness-Through-18--Month-Evaluation
Eight school districts just became the nation's first-ever Great Districts for Great Teachers. This new honor, developed by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ), recognizes districts for their exceptional...

A workaround for counterproductive pension systems
No school district wants to lose their most effective teachers. But pension systems, which are under the purview of state legislatures, are one roadblock to retention. These pension systems often...

Pay attention, everybody- DC's on a roll,-everybody---DCs-on-a-roll
What happens in DC has the potential toimpact districts across the entire nation.

2015 State Teacher Policy Yearbook
The 2015 State Teacher Policy Yearbook is our ninth annual Yearbook report. Comprised of a National Summary and State-specific reports for all 50 states and the District of Columbia, this...

November 2015: The role of student achievement and teacher performance in evaluations, compensation and dismissal,-compensation-and-dismissal
This month, the Trendline takes a look at the role of student growth in evaluation ratings and how districts connect evaluation ratings with compensation and dismissal policies.

State of the States 2015: Evaluating Teaching, Leading and Learning,-Leading-and-Learning
This report presents the most comprehensive and up-to-date policy trends on how states are evaluating teachers. It also breaks new ground by providing a look at the policy landscape on...

September 2015: Lifetime Earnings
This month's Trendline updates NCTQ's analysis in Smart Money: What teachers make, how long it takes and what it buys them and estimates how much a teacher can make over...

Harder work, higher earnings?,-higher-earnings
An NCTQ follower on Twitter, @mescamilla1980, recently challenged our take on what'sbehind the disproportionately high grades earned by teacher candidates,suggesting that only those majors which will lead to highly paid...

Smart money: What teachers make, how long it takes and what it buys them,-how-long-it-takes-and-what-it-buys-them
What teachers are paid matters. Many factors play a role in making the decision to become a teacher, but for many people compensation heavily influences the decision not only to...

Teacher Quality Roadmap: Improving Policies and Practices in Pittsburgh Public Schools
This report examines teacher quality policies and practices Pittsburgh Public Schools and provides Pittsburgh with a tailored analysis of the teacher policy areas most in need of critical attention, as...

March 2014: Teacher Salaries and Housing Affordability
We're excited to bring back the Trendline series with one of our most popular topics: teacher salaries.

Teacher Trendline: The Role of Teacher Performance in Evaluations, Pay and Layoffs,-Pay-and-Layoffs
In our monthly newsletter for school districts, we look at how districts are tying eval ratings, pay and layoffs to teacher performance.

Teacher Quality Roadmap Revisited: Checking in on Springfield, Massachusetts,-Massachusetts
This is a follow-up study of teacher policies in Springfield Public Schools as a complement to the original report which was released in October 2011. The follow-up study focuses primarily...

Tr3 Trends: Teacher Salaries, Urban vs. Suburban,-Urban-vs.-Suburban
In this month's Tr3 Trends newsletter, we compare teacher pay in suburbs and cities.

Teacher Quality Roadmap: Improving Policies and Practices in Dayton Public Schools
This report examines teacher quality policies and practices in the Dayton Public Schools and provides Dayton with a tailored analysis of the teacher policy areas most in need of critical...

New NCTQ Report: Teacher Salary Growth Slowed as Result of Recession
A new report from the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) finds that although teachers continued to get raises following the recession, there was a noticeable slow-down in teacher salary...

Teacher Quality Roadmap: Improving Policies and Practices in the School District of Philadelphia
This report examines teacher quality policies and practices in the School District of Philadelphia and provides Philadelphia with a tailored analysis of the teacher policy areas most in need of...

The Recession's Impact on Teacher Salaries
This report breaks down how some of the nation's largest districts adjusted their pay schemes to account for tightened budgets. The report finds that teacher raises for experience and market...

Tr3 Trends: Teacher Salaries in 2012-13
In 2012-13, the average salary in Tr3 districts for a first-year teacher with a bachelor's degree is about $39,000. For teachers with master's degrees the salary scale tops out, on...

Teacher Quality Roadmap: Improving Policies and Practices in Oakland
This study looks at the policies and practices shaping teacher quality in the Oakland Unified School District. It is part of a series of analyses by the National Council on...

Tr3 Trends: Counting what counts
This month we look at changes in how teacher performance is evaluated and factored into pay and layoff decisions. Much of the shift on these issues has been driven...

Teacher Quality Roadmap: Improving Policies and Practices in the Miami-Dade County Public Schools
This study looks at the policies and practices shaping teacher quality in Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS). It is part of a series of analyses by the National Council on...

Analysis of Seattle Contract Proposals
The proposal by the Seattle Public Schools (SPS) for its new teachers' contract is an excellent first step in improving the quality of teachers in the school district. In this...

2009 State Teacher Policy Yearbook: National Summary
The State Teacher Policy Yearbook provides detailed analysis of any and every state policy that impacts the teaching profession. The Yearbook is a 52-volume encyclopedia (51 state reports including the...

Race to the Top: Colorado may be used to high altitudes, but can it compete in Race to the Top?,-but-can-it-compete-in-Race-to-the-Top
NCTQ's advice to states on what they can do to improve their shot at getting a portion of the $4.35 billion in Race to the Top funds.

NCTQ Square-Off: Are Teachers Underpaid? Two economists tackle an intractable controversy
NCTQ Square-Off: Are Teachers Underpaid? Two economists tackle an intractable controversy Two economists -- Michael Podgursky, currently Middlebush Professor and Chairman in the Department of Economics at the University of...