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Student body demographics could influence teacher hiring decisions - but we need more data
A new working paper adds additional insight into the important question of how race impacts teacher hiring decisions.

Showing up
For Black teachers, discussing important issues such as the Capitol Insurrection or Black Lives Matter Movement in a safe and meaningful way with students can be difficult, but is possible...

Driven by Data: Using Licensure Tests to Build a Strong, Diverse Teacher Workforce,-Diverse-Teacher-Workforce
The NCTQ publication of long-hidden data on institutional pass rates for elementary content teacher licensure tests serves as a compass, pointing toward strengths and opportunities in preparing aspiring elementary teachers...

Teacher licensure pass rate data: Lessons learned on teacher quality and diversity
Information gleaned from licensure tests can offer a compass, guiding efforts to strengthen and diversify the teacher workforce.

The opportunity to learn from teacher licensure pass rate data — and why it matters
Strengthening our teacher workforce begins with better, more transparent data.

Bias in teacher observations: No easy solutions
A new study out of Chicago has garnered a lot of attention for finding that Black teachers were significantly more likely to receive low classroom observation scores as compared to...

Diversifying the teacher workforce: More than a foot in the door
Many efforts to increase diversity focus on getting more teachers of color to the door of the classroom, with too little attention to what comes after.

Reducing bias in classroom instruction
New research on implicit racial bias in schools and its effect on student achievement.

Affirming spaces matter for teachers too
To cultivate the type of learning environment that would support and sustain candidates of color there are three areas to consider: community, curriculum, and communication.

Tools to help recruit a strong, diverse teacher workforce,-diverse-teacher-workforce
A new tool designed to help districts identify sources of academically strong, diverse teacher candidates and better target recruitment efforts.

The turning tide: Greater interest in teaching among Black and Hispanic students
Black and Hispanic college students don't enter teaching at the same rate as white students, but new trends indicate some upward movement.

The wind at our backs on diversifying the teaching profession
No longer is it appropriate to decouple the goal of improving teacher quality from parallel efforts to increase the number of Black and Hispanic teachers. What's left to argue about...

Teacher Prep Review: Program Diversity and Admissions 2021
New data from NCTQ examines the interplay between racial diversity and admissions standards in teacher preparation programs. We present strong evidence that these two considerations need not be competing goals,...

Silver linings of 2020: Some much-needed good news in teacher quality research
While it may still feel like the 273rd day of March, we're really truly nearing the end of December, and the year 2020.

Are we done with teacher licensing tests?
Are teacher licensing tests a milestone to achieve or an obstacle to be removed?

Changing habits: easier than changing hearts and minds?
The path to becoming anti-racist is long, challenging, and for teachers, essential. Tackling one's mindset and implicit biases takes hard work, and even trainings intended to help people do this...

The powerful impact of Black role models
A new study finds that the presence of Black teachers in advanced track courses produces a higher probability of Black students in that school not just enrolling, but passing advanced...

A Fair Chance
In A Fair Chance: Simple steps to strengthen and diversify the teacher workforce, NCTQ analysis reveals both astonishingly high numbers of elementary teacher candidates failing their professional licensing tests each...

Hey, Michael Jackson … maybe it really DOES matter if you’re black or white,-Michael-Jackson--maybe-it-really-DOES-matter-if-youre-black-or-white
A new study confirms, yet again, the positive benefits of students of color having a teacher of the same race.

State ESSA plan whack-a-mole
Ever play the carnival game of whack-a-mole? Every time you smash one mole back into its hole, two more pop back up. That's how NCTQ's analysts feel right now with...

ESSA Educator Equity Analyses
The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ)'s analyses of states' plans for ensuring that low-income and minority students are not disproportionately taught by ineffective, out-of-field, or inexperienced teachers under the...

State ESSA plans on educator equity a real mixed bag
There has been substantial media attention recently regarding states' Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) plans, much of which has focused on states' efforts to meet ESSA's accountability requirements. Here at...

Today, the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) released its analyses of educator equity in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) state plans of 16 states and the District of...

NCTQ to Release Reviews of 17 State Plans to Implement the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
NCTQ has reviewed all 17 currently released state plans to implement ESSA.On June 8th, NCTQ will release analyses of each state plan's work to meet ESSA'seducator equity requirements. NCTQ will...

Statement from Kate Walsh, President of the National Council on Teacher Quality, on Scrapping New York’s Literacy Test for Prospective Teachers,-President-of-the-National-Council-on-Teacher-Quality,-on-Scrapping-New-Yorks-Literacy-Test-for-Prospective-Teachers
Today, New York's State Board of Regents is considering doing away with a recentlyadopted licensing test for teacher candidates, amid concerns that the too many blackand Latino teacher candidates fail...

Teacher diversity: Grounding our goals in reality
One feature of an ideal school environment, webelieve, is that both students and their teachers reflect America in all of itsdiversity. Everyone, including children coming from privilege, benefits from adiverse...

New Study: Building a Truly Diverse Teacher Workforce Will Take Many Decades--Even With All Hands on Deck
A study released today by the Brookings Institution shows that achieving genuine racial parity between public school teachers, whose minority representation constitutes 18 percent of the workforce, and public school...

High Hopes and Harsh Realities: The real challenges to building a diverse workforce
Public schools are suffering from a well-publicized diversity problem. Students of color make up nearly half of all public school students, yet teachers of color comprise just 18 percent of...

Shining some light on our hidden biases
We've known for years that students of color are underrepresented in gifted education programs across the country.

Diversity in the Teaching Workforce: False Choices and Faulty Tactics
We can all agree that building a more diverse corps of teachers is important. While only a few studies have examined the role of teacher diversity in student achievement, there's...

More evidence that matching teacher and student race matters

When it comes to licensing tests, we need the wisdom of Solomon,-we-need-the-wisdom-of-Solomon