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What training for a marathon can teach us about clinical practice for teachers
Teacher preparation isn't a sprint; it's a marathon. And just like preparing for a long race, it requires well-planned practice, feedback, and the guidance of experts.

Clinical Practice Framework
Too many new teachers start their careers unprepared for the realities of the classroom because they haven't had enough high-quality "hands on" practice. Their students lose out on learning because...

Defining Types of Clinical Practice
Effective teacher prep depends on a high-quality clinical practice experience. There is an ever-growing variety of preparation models available to aspiring teachers. Yet to date, the field has not galvanized...

Clinical Practice Research Rationale
This literature review, aligned to NCTQ's Clinical Practice Framework, explores various components of clinical practice and how they affect a range of outcomes, including aspiring teachers' feelings of preparedness, their...

Building a strong student teaching model: Districts and teacher prep programs share successes and challenges

Scrambling to hire teachers doesn’t have to be a recurring rat race
Filling those hard-to-staff teacher vacancies doesn't have to be so hard. Making a few straightforward adjustments to compensation, incentives, and partnerships can change the game.

Six steps to hire a strong teacher workforce
Insights on what school districts can do to ensure every classroom is staffed with an effective teacher.

If you want to help new teachers improve, invest in great coaches,-invest-in-great-coaches
People have life coaches, nutrition coaches, and executive coaches. So, it's no surprise to see schools turning to coaches as well.

A new path to the classroom: What could Registered Apprenticeship mean for teaching?
As the challenge of recruiting a new generation of teachers gains increasing urgency, what's old is being made new again.

Dig into the Research: Teacher licensure, student achievement, and the edTPA,-student-achievement,-and-the-edTPA
NCTQ President Kate Walsh hosts a panel discussion on how the edTPA affects the teaching profession with leading researchers in the field of educator preparation.

Lamenting the poor lot of student teaching
When we sow benign neglect, it's no wonder we reap mediocrity.

Six steps to use student teachers to solve staffing challenges
For school districts looking to fulfill staffing needs, hosting student teachers offers many advantages to creating a pool of effective new teachers.

Dipping into the untapped supply of cooperating teachers
Policymakers and teacher prep programs often claim there's an extremely limited pool of effective mentor teachers when pairing them with student-teachers. A new study aims to find out if that's...

High-quality student teaching placements, and who stands to benefit the most,-and-who-stands-to-benefit-the-most
A new study adds to the mix research that unpacks which candidates particularly benefit from high-quality student teaching placements.

Making sustainable residencies THE standard
Teacher preparation residencies have the benefit of providing extended time for future teachers to learn how to teach before they are responsible for their own classrooms.

Falling short of expectations
New data suggests expectations placed on novice teachers during their first real professional development experience are far too low.

More on student teaching: Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match,-matchmaker,-make-me-a-match
Teacher candidates' clinical placements should represent an environment similar to what they'll experience in their first teaching job.

Silver linings of 2020: Some much-needed good news in teacher quality research
While it may still feel like the 273rd day of March, we're really truly nearing the end of December, and the year 2020.

Student teaching: The pipeline to great new teachers
Five steps every school district should take to get the most bang for the buck with student teachers

Preparing for reality: Bringing together the head, heart, and habits,-heart,-and-habits
Teacher preparation is a delicate balance between having a broad enough lens to account for the multitude of contexts those new teachers will find themselves in, while also being specific...

October surprises
Science has taken some really hard knocks in 2020. Over the past week, however, science had a couple of well-needed wins within the world of education—both in reading instruction and...

2020 Teacher Prep Review: Clinical Practice and Classroom Management
Strong preparation requires meaningful practice.

Is undergraduate preparation the best way to train a teacher?
Unlike any other state, the majority of Texas teachersare prepared by non-traditional programs.

The emerging science on predicting if a teacher will be effective
Researchers have spent decades investigating the most valid predictors and measures of teacher quality, with one of the hopes being that school districts will know exactly what to look for...

Benefits of learning from the best
Some of the essential skills can be learned from textbooks and lectures—but knowing how to put it all in motion requires some real-world practice.

Student teaching and initial licensure in the times of coronavirus
States must now consider how these coronavirus-related closures are impacting student teaching and other licensure requirements.

Beating the drum on student teaching
Student teaching may not be a magic bullet for combating the myriad problems that plague teacher preparation, but it sure comes close...

Persuading great teachers to take on student teachers
Remember when we learned just how powerful a good cooperating teacher can be for a teacher-in-training?

The missing link
While all student teaching experiences are notcreated equal, understanding and measuring how they are different turns out tobe a challenge.

Life lessons from a trip to the hospital
No matter how much I am inclined to trust someone else's expertise, I need to be my own best advocate.

Start Here to Become a Teacher
Peppered with plenty of advice from practicing teachers, Start Here to Become a Teacher provides advice to people interested in teaching and allows aspiring educators to more wisely "comparison shop"...

Win-win-win for student teaching
New research adds two fascinating twists to this (thankfully) increasingly popular field of research.

Late-breaking news: Cooperating teachers should be good at teaching!!
Oftentimes research is way out ahead of the conventional wisdom. Occasionally though, common sense ends up being justified by research.

Increasing the value of student teaching
Student teaching is intended to serve as the opportunity for aspiring teachers to apply what they have learned from their preparation programs in real classroom settings.

Drowning in data from the OECD
Though I've never considered myself an isolationist, I am increasingly questioning the value of looking beyond American borders for insights into education, at least regarding teacher quality.

2018 Teacher Prep Review
The 2018 Teacher Prep Review examines the results of rating 567 traditional graduate programs, 129 alternative route programs, and 18 residencies preparing both elementary and secondary teachers. The Review includes...

Want to keep great teachers in high-needs schools? Train them there
Even today, high-needs schools struggle to attract and, more critically, retain effective and experienced teachers. We think teacher prep programs are missing a huge opportunity to tackle this issue, through...

The Power of Productive Classroom Experience
Whether you're running a marathon, learning something new, or trying to improve student achievement, there's no advantage quite like a head start. Unfortunately, teacher prep programs tend to squander this...

Teacher Prep Review: Undergraduate Secondary Education
High school represents an amazing opportunity for students and their teachers. For most Americans, the high school years played a pivotal role in shaping what they know about subjects such...

The best teacher quality research of 2016!!
Teacher quality researchers made plenty of provocative headlines in 2016. They identified trends to monitor, new tips for the trade, and a few wins worth celebrating. Here are the papers...

Matchmaking matters when it comes to student teaching
With the year's most romantic holiday freshin our memories, we turn to a different kind of matchmaking: matching studentteachers with the right schools.

#2—Most Informative Research Every Superintendent Should Be Reading
A Foot in the Door: Exploring the Role of Student TeachingAssignments in Teachers' Initial Job Placements by Krieg, Theobald, &GoldhaberEvery district wants to get a leg up onhiring the best...

2015 State Student Teaching Policies
See how states fared on our policy goals for student teaching, including selecting cooperating teachers based on effectiveness.

Can student teaching be the driver for teacher quality?
I can be a slow learner.My colleagues at NCTQ and I have been working together on teacher quality for well over a decade. For a long time, we sorted issues...

Is it better to look like a good idea than be one?
Studentteaching is intended to be the culminating experience of a teacher'spreparation. It's typically a fall or spring semester commitment. Over the lastfew years, there's been a steady drum beat for...

Think we know what’s behind teachers’ job choices? Think again.
As a group, teachers tend to defy the old adage "you can't go home again," usually taking jobs within 50 miles of where they went to high school and making...

By our powers combined…
Sometimes therejust aren'tenough great teachers to go around. Placing two, eventhree student teachers in a single classroom is one way that teacher prepprograms are working around shortages of qualified cooperating...

Hash it out: Contradictory findings on teacher prep and persistence
Districtsoften ask NCTQ to identify the preparation programs that produce teachers whowill stay in the classroom through thick and thin. So we eagerly dove into tworecent articles, one by RichardIngersoll...

What does rigorous clinical practice look like?
Everyone says practice matters; butthe Match Teacher Residency provides a shining example of a rigorous, practice-permeatedapproach to training designed to ensure that new teachers will hit the groundrunning. It may...

New Study: Teacher Preparation Programs Fail to Ensure that Student Teaching, the Most Formative Experience of a Teacher's Preparation, Lives Up to Its Billing,-the-Most-Formative-Experience-of-a-Teachers-Preparation,-Lives-Up-to-Its-Billing
Today, the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ), a nonpartisan research and advocacy group, released a national study that provides the most comprehensive review of student teaching arrangements ever done,...

2012 State Teacher Policy Yearbook: Improving Teacher Preparation National Summary
The State Teacher Policy Yearbook provides detailed analysis of any and every state policy that impacts the teaching profession. The Yearbook is a 52-volume encyclopedia (51 state reports including the...

Student Teaching in the United States
Student teaching serves as a capstone experience for nearly 200,000 teacher candidates each year. In an effort to understand how to get student teaching "right," NCTQ embarked on an ambitious...