"This is a grave time. As we try our best to weather this storm, we find ourselves asking a lot of questions that produce answers no more reliable than what we might expect from a Ouija board. But if there is a silver lining to be had here—and we actually think there will ultimately be quite a few—Americans may gain a deeper appreciation for the critical function of government and, with it, an appreciation for our nation's schools...and teachers." - Kate Walsh, NCTQ President

The most recently updated data and analysis appear at the top of this list.

  • Data & Analysis: COVID-related incentives for teachers during the 2021-22 school year (December 2021): A look at the incentives that 148 large school districts across the United States used to attract and retain teachers during the Fall of 2021.

  • Data: District COVID Teacher Policy Tracker SY21-22 (Last Updated December 2021): A spreadsheet tracker of board policies and policies in formal negotiated agreements between teachers unions and school districts regarding: COVID-related incentives for teacher hiring, vaccinations, PD, and remote instruction; COVID-related teacher leave policies, and mask and vaccination mandates.

  • Analysis: What we know (and don't know) about pandemic-era teacher shortages (October 2021): Here we use the most recent data and reporting to paint a picture of what we do and do not yet know about teacher supply and demand during the pandemic era.

  • Data: District and State COVID Teacher Policy Tracker SY20-21 (Last updated January 2021): A spreadsheet tracker of board policies and policies in formal negotiated agreements between teachers unions and school districts regarding: Health and Safety, Teacher Assignment, Instruction Requirements, Teacher Evaluation, and Teacher Leave Policies. The third tab of the tracker has state guidance and policies on teacher evaluation for SY20-21.
  • Data & Analysis: Tracking district teacher policies in the COVID-19 environment (January 2021): As some districts either work to shore up their remote learning plans or begin to implement some version of in-person learning, we want to offer a review of how some of the largest school districts in the country have negotiated their reopening. We also look at some of these districts' more relevant teacher policies for the coronavirus environment.
  • Data & Analysis: Evaluating teachers during the pandemic (November 2020): As part of NCTQ's ongoing research on COVID-19 related education policies, our latest installment tracks how states will proceed with evaluating teachers for the 2020-2021 school year. Of the 24 states that have released guidance thus far, 21 are still requiring summative evaluations for all teachers.
  • Data & Analysis: Supporting teachers through mentoring and collaboration (July 2020): In this District Trendline, we examine teacher support systems—particularly new teacher induction, teacher collaboration, professional development, and mentoring—policies for 124 large school districts across the country.
  • Data & Analysis: AASPA Benefit Survey On COVID-19 From PK-12 HR (May 2020): A guest post from AASPA Executive Director Kelly Coash-Johnson explaining how PK-12 HR administrators were addressing pay and compensation, recruiting, and hiring during the pandemic.