"This is a grave time. As we try our best to weather this storm, we find ourselves asking a lot of questions that produce answers no more reliable than what we might expect from a Ouija board. But if there is a silver lining to be had here—and we actually think there will ultimately be quite a few—Americans may gain a deeper appreciation for the critical function of government and, with it, an appreciation for our nation's schools...and teachers." - Kate Walsh, NCTQ President

The most recently updated data and analysis appear at the top of this list.

  • Data: District and State COVID Teacher Policy Tracker SY20-21 (Last updated October 2020): Spreadsheet tracker of policies in formal negotiated agreements between teachers unions and school districts regarding: Health and Safety, Teacher Assignment, Instruction Requirements, Teacher Evaluation, and Teacher Leave Policies. The second tab of the tracker has state guidance and policies on teacher evaluation for SY20-21.
  • Data & Analysis: Supporting teachers through mentoring and collaboration (July 2020): In this District Trendline, we examine teacher support systems—particularly new teacher induction, teacher collaboration, professional development, and mentoring—policies for 124 large school districts across the country.
  • Data & Analysis: AASPA Benefit Survey On COVID-19 From PK-12 HR (May 2020): A guest post from AASPA Executive Director Kelly Coash-Johnson explaining how PK-12 HR administrators were addressing pay and compensation, recruiting, and hiring during the pandemic.