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A healthy teaching profession recognizes and rewards its excellent teachers, helps all teachers to grow, and when necessary counsels out its lowest performers.

Robust teacher evaluation systems provide teachers, schools, districts, and states with the means to this end. Diverse perspectives of teachers' impact on student learning, including objective measures, need to be considered. We know these systems are working if they can distinguish the full range of talent, not just a thumbs up or down, and serve as the engine for teachers' development. That's what robust means.

Supporting teachers and principals by recognizing strong performance and helping them grow is more urgent than ever.

Since NCTQ's last analysis in 2019, states have largely retreated or stalled in adopting evidence-based teacher and principal evaluation policies that support student learning. While state evaluation systems did experience disruptions throughout the pandemic, this pattern follows a trend that began as early as 2016. Since then, states have continued to move away from including measures of student academic growth as part of evaluations, and several have dropped the use of student surveys as well.

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