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About the Database

The NCTQ State Teacher Policy Database provides access to information on state policies, laws, and regulations that impact teacher quality—ranging from teacher preparation, licensing, and evaluation to compensation, teacher diversity, and hiring and assignment. This unique database brings together data and analysis from all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

This policy information is collected and updated on a regular basis, drawing from state laws, administrative code, Board of Education documents, and other public sources. State education agencies have the opportunity to review and provide feedback to all data and analysis prior to publication.

Our Process

Work with Stakeholders

  • Identify key teacher policy topics based on the latest research from the field on what policies have the most significant impact on teacher quality and student learning.

  • Customize and validate teacher policy goals through engaging with external experts and practitioners.


Collect and Validate Data

  • Collect and review data from state education agencies, state laws and regulations, and state school board policies.

  • Share data and analysis with state education agencies for review and feedback.


Analyze Data to Inform Decisions

  • Generate national summaries and in-depth state analyses by topic area, reviewing trends within and across states over time.

  • Identify best practices and share policy exemplars and analyses with state policymakers and advocates.

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State of the States 2022: Teacher Compensation Strategies
September 2022

Salaries are one of the most powerful policy levers states and school districts can use to attract qualified, effective, and diverse teachers. However, strategic pay remains underutilized as a tool to attract teachers to the...

State of the States 2021: State Reporting of Teacher Supply and Demand Data
December 2021

What data do states collect and report on the teacher labor market? Do states connect data on supply and demand to better understand and address teacher shortages? Explore state policies in this new NCTQ report.


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