Teacher compensation is in dire need of a massive overhaul. Teachers should not make less than other college-educated professionals. Pay shouldn’t be a great equalizer, but a flexible tool used to solve fundamental problems schools face. The good news? Districts like Washington, D.C., and Dallas are proving that it is doable.

Teaching shouldn't require a vow of poverty.

Analysis from NCTQ examines salary data and related compensation materials from 90 large school districts to determine lifetime earnings trajectories for teachers over a 30-year career. The findings expose large differences in what teachers can earn based on where they work on a number of measures, including starting salaries, salary growth rates, opportunities to earn bonuses, and earnings over a career lifetime.

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Thinking strategically about teacher salaries is critical to attracting and retaining qualified, effective, and diverse teachers.

Salaries are one of the most powerful policy levers states and school districts can use to attract qualified, effective, and diverse teachers. However, strategic pay remains underutilized as a tool to attract teachers to the schools or subjects that are traditionally harder to staff.

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