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Myth-busted: Teachers don’t skip school
A working paper reveals a commonly held assumption that teachers frequently miss work compared to other professionals is wrong.

Affording to stay healthy: The costs of health insurance for teachers
The skyrocketing price of health insurance impacts both teachers and school districts. Here's how some education leaders are keeping health insurance affordable for teachers.

What's resonating with school district leaders and staff in 2023
Explore the most popular District Trendline posts of 2023, spotlighting topics like paid parental leave benefits, housing costs in relation to teaching salaries, the diversification of the teacher workforce, and...

What are the long-term effects of teacher performance pay on student outcomes?
New Research Reveals Surprising Long-Term Effects of Teacher Performance Pay on Students.

Scrambling to hire teachers doesn’t have to be a recurring rat race
Filling those hard-to-staff teacher vacancies doesn't have to be so hard. Making a few straightforward adjustments to compensation, incentives, and partnerships can change the game.

Paraprofessionals: Understudied, undercompensated, and in short supply,-undercompensated,-and-in-short-supply-
Little is know about paraprofessionals in the classroom, but a recent study in Washington sheds some much-needed light on these important players.

Think a four-day school week is better? Think again
A four-day work week may seem like a good way to attract teachers and address tightening school budgets, but researchers say it might do more harm than good.

Teacher leave policies: How much paid time off do teachers get?
When a teacher needs to take time off, what paid leave is available to them?

Teachers want families, too: Why it’s time for paid family leave,-too:-Why-its-time-for-paid-family-leave
Offering paid family leave is an important way to improve quality of life for educators.

How many school districts offer paid parental leave?
A review of school districts' parental leave policies and how these policies can help support and retain teachers

What teachers really want: It isn’t just higher salaries
Every now and then, conventional wisdom gets it wrong.

Pay increases and other non-obscure strategies to address the substitute teacher shortage
How several large school districts are revisiting policies surrounding pay and health benefits to attract prospective substitute teachers.

When school breaks no longer spark joy
Why should anyone care that schools take a little break, especially given all that teachers have been through over the past 18 months?

Tracking district teacher policies in the COVID-19 environment
New data & analysis from negotiated agreements on school reopening, PPE, teacher eval, leave, & more.

Roll Call 2020
Teachers remain the most important in-school factor for student learning. The implementation of remote learning reminds us of teachers' preeminent importance, with current schooling stripped of all but this one...

Leave and health insurance for teachers: safeguards amid COVID-19 worries
In the absence of a federal protection, it becomes the jurisdiction of individual districts to lay out protocols.

Substitute teachers during the pandemic: requirements, benefits, and pay,-benefits,-and-pay
Although districts reopening schools virtually may have less need for substitute teachers due to teachers' reduced exposure to illness, districts reopening in-person need more substitutes than normal, as social distance...

Pension debt is crippling any meaningful increases to education funding
In light of the economic turmoil that COVID-19 is bringing about,pension shortfalls are likely to grow at an even more staggering rate.

AASPA Benefit Survey On COVID-19 From PK-12 HR

How are school districts dealing with rising health insurance costs?

District Leave Policies
Learn more about how much leave districts grant to teachers by exploring the Teacher Contract Database.

April 2017: Health insurance premiums
One key component of teacher compensation is health insurance. It gets less attention than salaries and pensions, but as the costs of health care rise, this issue will become increasingly...

New Study: U.S. Teacher Pension Debt Eclipses a Half Trillion Dollars; States Not Confronting Pension Crisis;-States-Not-Confronting-Pension-Crisis-
The National Council on Teacher Quality(NCTQ) and EducationCounsel today released Lifting the Pension Fog: What teachersand taxpayers need to know about the teacher pension crisis. The report evaluatesstate teacher pension...

NCTQ and EducationCounsel to release new report on the teacher pension debt crisis and what it means for teachers and policymakers
NCTQ and EducationCounsel will release a new report, Lifting the Pension Fog:What teachers and taxpayers need to know about the teacher pension crisis onFebruary 22, 2017. The report evaluates state...

Lifting the Pension Fog: What teachers and taxpayers need to know about the teacher pension crisis
This report, Lifting the Pension Fog: What teachers and taxpayers need to know about the teacher pension crisis, evaluates state teacher pension policies, and includes policy profiles and tailored recommendations...

A workaround for counterproductive pension systems
No school district wants to lose their most effective teachers. But pension systems, which are under the purview of state legislatures, are one roadblock to retention. These pension systems often...

September 2016: Teacher leave
This month, we take a look at how much leave time teachers receive each year and what policies school districts use to incentivize higher teacher attendance, from allowing sick and...

July 2015: Teacher Leave
This month's Trendline examines how much sick and personal leave the nation's biggest districts give each year and also how they incentivize their teachers, through leave carryover and buyback policies,...

Teacher Pensions Mythbusters
Some of the most common myths around teacher pensions are dispelled in this handy "Mythbusters" document.

February 2015: Health insurance premiums
With health insurance coverage making headlines in both national and local news, this month's Trendline examines health insurance premiums for teachers and their dependents in the largest districts across the...

Doing the Math on Teacher Pensions
Just do themath and it is clear that things don't add up for teacher pension policies.NCTQ calculates that state teacher pension systems are a half trillion dollarsin debt for 2014....

New Data: U.S. Teacher Pension Debt Climbs to a Half Trillion Dollars; Majority of States Still Don't Offer Teachers Fair and Flexible Retirement Options;-Majority-of-States-Still-Dont-Offer-Teachers-Fair-and-Flexible-Retirement-Options
The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) today releasedDoing the Math on Teacher Pensions: How to Protect Teachers and Taxpayers, which challenges the claims ofpension boards and other groups about...

The push and tug of pay versus benefits
When it comes to their pay and benefits, willteachers always go with the bird in the hand no matter how many birds may be inthe bush?

Doing the Math on Teacher Pensions: How to Protect Teachers and Taxpayers
Challenging the claims ofpension boards and other groups about the cost-effectiveness, fairness and flexibility of the traditional defined benefit pension plans still in place in 38 states, this report includes...

October 2014: Teacher Leave
October's Teacher Trendline focuses on teacher leave. We take a close look at sick and personal leave, as well as policies allowing teachers to carry over leave and those that...

Teacher Quality Roadmap: Improving Policies and Practices in Pittsburgh Public Schools
This report examines teacher quality policies and practices Pittsburgh Public Schools and provides Pittsburgh with a tailored analysis of the teacher policy areas most in need of critical attention, as...

Tr3 Trends: Health Insurance Premiums
Without a doubt, health insurance is the most important and expensive part of teachers' benefits packages, comprising a big chunk of districts' compensation budgets. This month we delved into the...

No One Benefits: How Teacher Pension Systems are Failing BOTH Teachers and Taxpayers
A 50-state look at the funding crisis in the pension systems that serve teachers, including features that make them so costly and elements that aren't fair, advantageous or beneficial to...

Tr3 Trends: Teacher Leave Days
In this issue, we look at how many sick and personal days teachers get each year and what districts are doing to stem teacher absences. On average, Tr3 districts give...

A Closer Look at Teacher Leave Benefits: An Apples to Apples Comparison
This brief explains a new approach that NCTQ is taking for reporting how much leave public school teachers receive in the large school districts that are featured in our Teacher...

Attracting, Developing and Retaining Effective Teachers: Background report for the United States,-Developing-and-Retaining-Effective-Teachers:-Background-report-for-the-United-States
The focus of the country background reports is on the aspects of teacher policy that deal with how to attract, recruit, develop, and retain effective teachers. The report has the...

District Tuition Reimbursement Policies
Explore district-level data on offering teachers tuition reimbursement form NCTQ's Teacher Contract Database.