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I greatly valued the opportunity to work for an organization that is so committed to the crucial cause of ensuring that every child has access to great teachers. On a personal level, NCTQ enabled me to grow and advance professionally in an environment that promoted collaboration, curiosity, and excellence.

Autumn Lewis, former NCTQ employee

Open Positions

Team Lead for Teacher Preparation Strategies
Washington, DC office

Description: The National Council on Teacher Quality is a nonprofit policy and research organization that believes every child deserves access to effective teachers, and every teacher deserves the opportunity to become effective. We are hiring a Team Lead for the Teacher Prep Strategies team who will support our ambitious initiative to transform teacher preparation in the United States. This opportunity is perfect for someone who enjoys both quantitative and qualitative analysis, has a desire to hone management skills, and is inspired by the idea of publishing groundbreaking research having a significant impact on teacher preparation nationwide. Based in Washington, DC, this role reports directly to the Director of Teacher Prep Strategies.


  • Manage teams of analysts: As a part of the teacher preparation team, she/he will lead several teams of part-time, remote analysts who evaluate key design components of more than 2,500 teacher preparation programs across the country.
  • Set the highest standards for quality and accuracy: We are identifying the best (and worst) programs around the country - we have to be able to stand by those judgments.
  • Summarize, synthesize, explain: Our work is not done when we complete a program analysis -- we need to identify patterns and trends, and explain what we've found and what it all means, to a variety of audiences.
Refine, revise, expand: We are a small organization with an outsized and constantly expanding work portfolio - she/he will help push that portfolio by conducting exploratory analytical work to develop new modes of evaluation and assure that we can do everything by looking for ways to increase our effectiveness and efficiency.

Qualifications: NCTQ seeks to hire staff that bring diverse perspectives and experiences. The Team Lead is critical to the success of our teacher preparation work. The ideal candidate embodies the following:

  • Fast learner: Beyond having strong academic credentials, he/she is a quick study. This means getting up-to-speed on research methodologies and prior analysis in order to make informed decisions.
  • Detail oriented: He/She is highly organized, can juggle multiple projects seamlessly, and is the kind of person who catches the mistake or sees the kernel of possibility that others miss.
  • Persistent and hardworking; a self-starter: Managing a team of remote analysts, this person sets the tone for the high level of performance he/she wants to see from the team.
  • Good communicator: He/She has excellent communication skills, specifically an ability to clearly explain involved methods of analysis for "lay audiences."
  • Aspiring data whiz: He/She has some experience working with sets of data and/or conducting data-driven analysis and is eager to grow skills in this area.

*Some background and interest in education or education policy is preferred.

Salary: The starting salary range is $45,000 - $50,000. NCTQ also offers generous medical insurance, retirement benefits, vacation time, and sick leave.

To Apply

In lieu of a traditional resume and cover letter, please submit evidence of an experience in which you were a "fast-learner," in either a previous role or in the course of your post-secondary education. You can submit an artifact (accompanied by any necessary context setting not to exceed one to two paragraphs) or, if there is no artifact available, please submit a compelling description not to exceed 500 words. Submissions can be sent to with the subject line: Team Lead Application.

The National Council on Teacher Quality is an Equal Opportunity Employer. NCTQ does not discriminate in its hiring and personnel practices on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or any other basis prohibited by law.