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I greatly valued the opportunity to work for an organization that is so committed to the crucial cause of ensuring that every child has access to great teachers. On a personal level, NCTQ enabled me to grow and advance professionally in an environment that promoted collaboration, curiosity, and excellence.

Autumn Lewis, former NCTQ employee

Open Positions

Program Director, Great from the Gate - Bay Area
San Francisco Bay Area

Description: The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) is currently seeking a Program Director for Great from the Gate, a new initiative that connects colleges/universities and K12 schools to create highly skilled, diverse local teacher workforce pipelines. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who is a leader with an entrepreneurial spirit, is skilled at relationship building with various audiences, and is keen to lead a not-for-profit initiative into its next stage of growth.

The Organization: NCTQ believes every child deserves effective teachers and every teacher deserves the opportunity to become effective. We are a nonpartisan, not-for-profit research and policy organization.

Great from the Gate is an NCTQ initiative aimed at transforming the quality of the student teaching experience for aspiring teachers to strengthen the teacher workforce. We provide colleges/universities with a mechanism for ensuring their teacher candidates have powerful student teaching experiences by placing them in excellent K12 schools with rigorously trained mentor teachers. We also give K12 schools that host these aspiring teachers the tools and support they need to use the student teaching experience as an opportunity to build a strong, diverse talent pipeline. Student teachers who participate in Great from the Gate are matched to high quality mentors in schools that have been successfully educating traditionally underserved populations, and receive additional supports and opportunities for feedback, as well as priority consideration for hiring among network schools.

We are entering the second year of piloting this work in two geographic areas: the San Francisco Bay Area and Indianapolis. Because of a strong commitment to seeing this work grow in the Bay Area, we are hiring for the new position of Bay Area Program Director.

As an equal opportunity employer, we seek to hire staff that bring diverse perspectives and experiences.

Job Summary: The Program Director is responsible for growing the work into a sustainable, stand-alone program by managing multiple stakeholders (including school leaders and college and university leadership and faculty). The Program Director will continuously learn from stakeholders and refine and adapt the program model and strategy. The Program Director recognizes that high quality schools need educators who have been well-prepared and are equipped to ensure that all students receive a high-quality education.

The Program Director position is based in the Bay Area and is supported by a Program Manager who has been in-seat since December 2017.

Experience in higher education or teacher preparation is strongly preferred.


  • Support and lead work to build partnerships with teacher preparation programs and K12 schools.
  • Lead the design, sequencing, and implementation of the Great from the Gate program, which includes student teacher recruitment and screening, cooperating teacher identification and training, and student teacher evaluation and hiring.
  • Own and lead a learning agenda for Great from the Gate, informing refinements to the strategy and program model to meet ambitious program goals for student teacher recruitment and hiring.
  • Facilitate meetings between partners to share learnings and build consensus around key program elements.
  • Lead operations on the ground involving all program logistics, with the support of the program manager.
  • Develop a sustainability plan for this program by the end of its second year of implementation (September 2019).
  • Support fundraising efforts through data collection, identification of prospective funding sources, and communication with current and prospective funders.
  • Supervise the program's locally-based program manager.

Qualifications: Attributes of the Ideal Candidate

  • Leader with an entrepreneurial spirit: S/he maintains the highest standards in setting goals and being relentless in their pursuit, but is nimble and recognizes when a change in course is necessary. This person has strong executive-level project management skills and is comfortable taking the reins to innovate and lead a new initiative, while solving challenges as they arise.
  • Strategic thinker: S/he understands what change management is and can develop the strategy to influence others and inspire action. S/he also understands the relationship between the minutiae of project management and the big picture and is able to establish short- and long-term strategies that account for the array of challenges that come with program implementation.
  • Coalition builder: S/he can unite diverse stakeholders around a collective goal. With a knack for relationship building, this person builds community and senses opportunities to invite new members to the team.
  • Communicator: S/he knows how to tell a story about our work for different audiences, pivoting from high-level strategic takeaways to the nitty-gritty details with ease. In addition, this person is comfortable in difficult conversations and knows how to tackle tough topics with sensitivity and flexibility.
  • Constant learner: S/he is hungry to understand what research says teachers should know and learn. This person is genuinely curious about teacher preparation and talent pipelines, understands how to ask good questions in order to better understand client needs, and can offer evidence-based solutions. 
  • Business savvy: S/he can set and manage a budget, has experience diversifying revenue, and is comfortable "selling" the value of a program.

To Apply

We're interested in seeing your good work. To apply for this role, submit to a summary and/or an artifact of a time in your professional career when you exhibited leadership to either set vision or course correct. Please limit your submission to three pages and include "Great from the Gate Program Director" in the subject line. In your cover email, feel free to include any additional context that would help us to better understand your submission and your leadership capabilities. We will request resumes from candidates who proceed beyond this initial stage at a later point in the interview process.

The National Council on Teacher Quality is an Equal Opportunity Employer. NCTQ does not discriminate in its hiring and personnel practices on the basis of race, sex, age, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or any other basis prohibited by law.