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Since 2004, NCTQ has been examining the nation’s teacher preparation programs, not just making recommendations for improvement, but shining a spotlight on the best.

This work is challenging, as it follows on the heels of many failed attempts to improve this industry going back many decades. The benefits strengthen our resolve. Can you imagine a hundred thousand new teachers starting the school year really ready to teach? We do each day.

The NCTQ Teacher Prep Review provides data and analysis on the quality of over 1,200 programs that prepare the nation's future elementary teachers. 

Teacher preparation programs are evaluated on seven evidence-based standards that capture essential aspects of what future elementary teachers need to be successful in the classroom. 

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Exploring teacher licensure test pass rate data from different perspectives is key to building a stronger, more diverse teacher workforce.

Institutional pass rates on licensure tests provide key insights on ways to better support aspiring teachers. With the support of state education agencies across the country, NCTQ released never-before published data on a pivotal point in the pipeline for elementary teachers: when aspiring teachers take licensure tests, one of the final steps before earning a teaching license.

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