IMPORTANT UPDATES: As of 2021, while programs will continue to be honored for performing well on individual standards, there will no longer be an overall program ranking across all standards. Making this change keeps the focus on what is most useful to programs, which is how to improve in each specific area. Additionally, NCTQ is discontinuing our review of secondary preparation programs in order to better prioritize elementary programs. While we still deeply believe in the importance of strong secondary teacher preparation, we have concluded that elementary preparation is the lynchpin and where there is the most current need for the Review's guidance, particularly in early reading and mathematics.


Upcoming releases and schedule

Building Content Knowledge standard - Anticipated public release February 2023
  • Revision of methodology and external engagement -- Complete
  • Data collection -- Complete
  • Analysis -- Complete
  • Custom data, analysis, and recommendations tool  -- Coming December 2022
  • National findings -- Coming February 2023
Reading Foundations standard - Anticipated public release April 2023
Learn more about the Reading Foundations revision here.
  • Revision of methodology and external engagement -- Ongoing
  • Data collection -- Complete
  • Analysis -- Ongoing
  • Draft ratings -- Coming soon
  • Final score notice -- Coming soon
  • National findings -- Coming April 2023

Access standard methodologies and scoring rubrics

Use the following links to access the full research rationales, methodologies, and scoring rubrics for the current Teacher Prep Review elementary standards:

Admissions (view the research rationalefull methodologyscoring rubric)

Building Content Knowledge
(coming soon)

Program Diversity (view the research rationalefull methodologyscoring rubric)

Reading Foundations (coming soon)

Previously Published Data on Revised Standards: 


Exemplar resources from top programs

The resources below, shared with permission from top-programs in each standard, can guide and support others as they work to improve their own policies and practice.

Admissions + Program DiversityStatements from 8 programs that have achieved both selectivity and diversity in their teacher preparation program, and how they were able to accomplish it.

Individual program resources: 

Building Knowledge (coming soon)

Early Reading: This guide includes statements and sample syllabi for three exemplary programs that ensure all their teacher candidates thoroughly cover the five essential components of effective reading instruction.

Individual program resources:

Elementary MathematicsVarying designs of elementary mathematics coursework requirements for four programs are provided here as a resource. Each of these programs earns an A+ on the NCTQ Elementary Mathematics standard for dedicating 100% of the recommended minimum instructional time in each of the essential topic areas for teacher preparation in elementary mathematics: Numbers and Operations, Algebraic Thinking, Geometry and Measurement, Data Analysis and Probability, and Mathematics Pedagogy.

Individual program resources:

Classroom Management: Four exemplary student teacher observation tools designed to ensure future teachers learn and practice the five universal classroom management strategies.

Individual resources:

Clinical Practice: Tools from three exemplar programs used in the mentor selection process to confirm that selected mentors are strong instructors and possess mentorship skills.

Individual program resources:


How to reach out about your program scores or other questions

The NCTQ Teacher Prep Review team is always happy to answer any questions from program leaders or faculty, including discussing materials and scores. Please don't hesitate to reach out to Shannon Holston, Chief of Policy and Programs at

Please submit program materials to the Teacher Prep Review team at

Last Updated 10/26/22

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