Since its initial publication in 2013, the  Teacher Prep Review (TPR) has grown and evolved while steadfastly adhering to one goal: providing external, high-quality feedback to teacher preparation programs. It has now been 17 years since we began the groundwork for the Review, meaning it is time to refresh the research underpinning our standards, revisit our methodologies, and examine how the Review can have the most impact. NCTQ is undertaking an effort to refresh our existing TPR standards with deep engagement from the field and we invite you to join us in this journey.

The purpose of the Teacher Prep Review standards revision process is threefold:
  1. Facilitate a transparent process that is more inclusive of feedback from external stakeholders than was the case for the original standards.
  2. Clarify what we can claim about a program's preparation of teachers based on available evidence.
  3. Ensure feedback is clear and actionable for programs.


Three standards are currently undergoing revision through a new process: Elementary Mathematics, Reading Foundations (formerly Early Reading), and Building Knowledge (formerly Elementary Content). For each standard's refresh, there is an extensive external engagement process including a four-week open comment period, an opportunity for any and all stakeholders (deans, professors, teachers, mentors, researchers, policymakers, etc.) invested in the development of future elementary teachers to voice their opinion on the structure of the revised TPR standards. Select a standard below to learn more about proposed revisions and the open comment process.


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