Our SUU Teacher Education Department's teacher preparation program is committed to providing high-quality reading instruction that incorporates evidence-based practices for teaching reading, such as explicit instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension. Our program also provides our candidates with opportunities to practice and apply these instructional strategies in a variety of contexts, such as in clinical experiences or fieldwork. Additionally, our program ensures that our candidates have a deep understanding of the science of reading and the ability to assess and address the diverse needs of their learners, including those who may have reading difficulties.

Through ongoing professional development and collaboration with practicing K-12 mentor teachers and literacy experts, Southern Utah University strives to stay current with best practices and research in the field of reading instruction to support the success of all learners. Key faculty members attend annual conferences hosted by organizations such as The Center for Literacy and Learning, The Reading League, and the International Dyslexia Association.

Additionally, lecturer Dr. Hurst is part of a LETRS cohort of college professors in Utah who are dedicated to teaching the science of reading, is a founding member of Stronger Together: The Alliance for Reading Science in Higher Ed, and hosts a podcast, Literacy Talks, addressing topics related to the science of reading and collaborates with literacy experts through that venue as well.

SUU candidates attend practicums in local elementary schools where Southern Utah provides free inservice training for participating teachers on topics like effective phonemic awareness and phonics instruction.

Dr. Tony Pellegrini
Professor & Teacher Education Department Chair
Southern Utah University

Dr. Stacy Hurst
Lecturer, Teacher Education
Southern Utah University

EDRG 2520: Foundations of Elementary Literacy Instruction

This foundational course utilizes a comprehensive approach to elementary literacy instruction. Methods, materials, and assessments for diverse populations are taught.

EDRG 3010: Language Acquisition, Early Literacy, and Phonics

This course focuses on methods to enhance early literacy development. The acquisition of both first and second languages, concepts of emergent literacy, and the integration of phonics are stressed.


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