Alfred University is committed to attracting, preparing, and retaining diverse candidates for our Teacher Education program. We believe strongly that our region, state, and nation need educators of color as role models for students and to make the teaching profession more closely resemble America. While we are located in a less diverse region of upstate New York, more of our students identify themselves as members of a minority population than would be expected in this area.

We have several initiatives and strategies which are helping us to have a more diverse teacher education division:

  • For the past five years we have partnered with Corning Community College to accept students into an extension program after they complete their two-year degree at CCC. While they are Alfred University students, we deliver the classes at Corning in the evenings and on weekends to allow non-traditional, working students to pursue their dreams of becoming teachers.
  • We work closely with the members of our HEOP/EOP office to identify or refer minority students who are considering a career in teaching. Once admitted to our Division, the HEOP counselors continue to provide academic, personal, and financial support to teacher education candidates.
  • Alfred University has a popular D-III football program that has historically attracted Black male students to enroll and each year several of them select a major in Elementary Education. We work to attract and retain them and accommodate their practice and game schedule into their academic responsibilities. Young children encounter so few Black male educators during their K-6 experience, and we are working to change that.
  • Alfred University, while in a more homogenous region of upstate NY has a historic recruiting relationship in New York City, dating back to the 19th century. Additionally we operate a popular school counselor program in Manhattan. These two factors have allowed us to have a better recruiting relationship with Black and LatinX students from that region.
Once we have gained diverse candidates to our Educator Preparation Program, we work to provide them the various supports they need to succeed both at Alfred and in the teaching major and profession. In addition to a teacher education faculty committed to this endeavor, the University offers an Academic Support Center with success coaches, a writing center with peer tutors and writing coaches, and a Beacon early warning system for all of our students to spot and assist any student who may be struggling. In the years ahead we hope that these initiatives will help us to graduate an increasing number of diverse teachers.

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We believe it is particularly important that the teacher candidates we are preparing mirror the students they will be teaching. Our initiatives focus on the continuum of recruitment, retention, graduation, and certification of a diverse teaching workforce prepared to face the challenges of educating students in the highest needs schools in our Brooklyn community.

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The faculty work diligently to mentor and support our candidates across the program's tenure so that they are able to attain their professional goals and enter the teaching force as highly qualified beginning teachers. Our diverse student body of candidates are supported in a multitude of ways in order to equip them with the academic, leadership, and socio-emotional skills to create equitable systems of change in the Bronx public schools.


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