The TAP Teaching Standards Rubric is the only widely-available rubric, as far as we are aware, that evaluates all five of the classroom management strategies with the most robust research support. NIET helps educator preparation programs to adopt the Teaching Standards Rubric, train supervisors and mentors to use the rubric, and incorporate the underlying standards throughout the program. NIET charges a fee for their services.

"Equipping teachers to be effective on day 1 starts with building their foundational understanding about high-quality, research-based instructional standards. This is the essential work of educator preparation programs, and it is more important now than ever. Across the country, we have seen that those programs that embrace NIET's teaching standards graduate teachers who receive strong ratings in their first year, with principals sharing that those educators perform more like second or third year teachers. In short, this tool helps educator preparation programs to take their work to the next level."

-Dr. Candice McQueen, CEO, National Institute for Excellence in Teaching

TAP Teaching Standards Rubric

A valid and reliable observation system that addresses all five key classroom management strategies.

NIET's Educator Preparation Partnerships

NIET's website provides more information on how NIET works with programs to improve their evaluation of teacher candidates.


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