Raising the Bar on Teacher Prep

Our nation's schools employ 3 million teachers and rely on 27,000 programs in 2,000 separate institutions for training those teachers. Since 2006, NCTQ has reviewed programs, made recommendations, and highlighted the best we've seen of key elements for undergraduate and graduate programs for elementary, secondary and special education.


The NCTQ Teacher Prep Review evaluates the quality of programs that provide preservice preparation of teachers. The Review database includes both traditional and non-traditional programs.

Traditional Programs

The Teacher Prep Review evaluates a total of 2,481 undergraduate and graduate elementary, secondary, and special education programs offered by education schools in 1,117 public and private institutions of higher education.

Alternative certification Programs

Program overviews are provided for 85 alternative certification secondary programs and expanding to 146 alt cert elementary and secondary programs in future editions.

Total Sample

In total, over the six releases that comprise this edition of the Review, the Teacher Prep Review will post evaluations of 2,627 teacher preparation programs. These are the programs referred to as "the sample." The approximately 240 institutions that produce fewer than 20 teachers annually (and together produce less than 1 percent of the nation's public school teacher candidates) are not included in the sample. In past years, the Review has evaluated prep programs responsible for producing 99 percent of traditionally prepared teachers, and 85 percent of all teachers including those from alternative certification programs. We are expanding our reach to include even more traditional and alternative certification programs, and will update these numbers following the 2018 releases of the Teacher Prep Review.

Who is in the Review

Programs Public (503)1,262 Programs Private (614)1,210 Programs
Undergraduate Elementary 396 478
Graduate Elementary 122 139
Undergraduate Secondary 341 437
Graduate Secondary 171 163
Undergraduate Special Education 99 21
Graduate Special Education 81 24

The Review contains evaluations of at least one program at 1,117 IHEs on at least two standards. In more cases, more than one program at an IHE is evaluated.

About the Review Close

Report on Undergraduate Secondary Prep

may 2017

Many undergraduate programs preparing high school teachers do well on individual aspects of teacher preparation, but too few do well in enough areas to provide a great preparation for all their aspiring teachers.

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