DeKalb County School District, Georgia

National enrollment rank: 28
District is operating under board policies (Updated in Database every three years)

Labor context

  • Collective bargaining is explicitly illegal. Teachers may join professional association.
  • Teachers do not collectively bargain with DeKalb County School District.
  • 6,490 teachers

Student demographics

  • 101,103 students
  • 74% free/reduced lunch

School district teacher count, enrollment, and demographic data is from the 2014-2015 school year sourced from the National Center for Education Statistics. Due to data issues, teacher count for districts in six states (HI, MT, NE, OH, UT, and WI) is from 2013-2014.

Fast facts

Days in student school year: 185
Additional teacher work days: 8
Annual adjustment (reported as a percentage of change from the previous year): 1.6%
Starting salary: $44,650
Maximum salary (salary, degree, years of experience): $91,083; PhD; 31
Student achievement data required for evaluation: Student
Layoff criteria:
Evaluations per year:
Tenured Once a year
Non-tenured Once a year
Sick and personal days per year: 12.5 (12.5 sick [in accordance with state law]; 3 personal taken from sick leave)
Years to tenure:

District Details

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