Confronting our biases in student discipline cases

Confronting our biases in student discipline cases

Racial disparities have long been observed in school discipline records. Stanford University researchers Jason Okonofua and Jennifer Eberhardt shed new light on...

Disconnected? Comparing principals’ values with value-added measures

Disconnected? Comparing principals’ values with value-added measures

As states work to implement new evaluation systems, the tenuous, if not ambiguous, relationship between value-added (VA) scores and principals' observations will...

The dreaded B: good enough for a man but...

Another case of the perfect being the enemy of the good

Reading instruction resources for all!

Reading instruction's no easy task. Check out a few helpful resources.

Battle Royale: CCSS resolve and old habits

The good intentions behind teaching to the Common Core confront the reality of ingrained habits.

Teacher Prep: Be all you can be?

So what does it take to attract the best of the best into the teaching profession?

The giant among midgets phenomenon

One takeaway for teacher prep accountability continues to emerge: outcomes data from a field that is structurally weak is insufficient.

Teacher prep resources: Many thanks to IHEs who shared!

We wanted to thank the many teacher prep programs who graciously provided resources for the Teacher Prep Review website.

Steadily beating the drum for practice...practice...practice...

We're great fans of Doug Lemov, author and staunch advocate for the transformative power of professional development (PD) that incorporates...

Where two of the helping professions could use a little help themselves

There was an eerily resonant blog posting in the New York Times last week.

Menifee USD: Where innovation meets professional development

Last Thursday, we highlighted the Menifee Union School District in California for their innovative approach to professional development. Instead of...

The transparency imperative

The digital natives think more than just their Facebook profiles should be public

Teacher quality and teacher pay: The hole in the bucket problem?

A Finnish counterexample

How to learn

Does Parade magazine provide better information than your average teacher prep program?