Teacher prep resources: Many thanks to IHEs who shared!

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We wanted to thank the many teacher prep programs who graciously provided resources for the Teacher Prep Review website. These programs not only demonstrate a commitment to providing a strong foundation for their own teacher candidates, but also to sharing key aspects of their training with programs across the country. NCTQ began posting resources of this type in October 2009 (first, materials on elementary math content instruction, followed by "key ingredients for strong student teaching"), which together have now been accessed over 250,000 times. The array of resources represented below is already expansive, but we hope to continue to build until we have resources available on every standard.

As is noted below, the types of material provided range from syllabi to lesson planning templates to student teacher observation instruments. Check out what's available in our Resources Guide below and be sure to search these institutions to learn more about their standout performance on key standards:

Resource Area
Resource Type
-Gordon College (MA)
-Southern Methodist University (TX)

Elementary Training Curriculum-Teaching Reading

Special Education Training Curriculum-Teaching Reading
Syllabi for early reading coursework.
-Dallas Baptist University (TX)
Elementary Training Curriculum-Teaching Struggling Readers
Syllabus for an early reading course focusing on struggling readers.
-Louisiana State University and Agricultural & Mechanical College  (LA)
-University of Georgia (GA)

Elementary Training Curriculum-Math Content

Special Education Training Curriculum-Math Content
Syllabi and lecture notes from elementary math content coursework; link to new online mathematics teaching community.
-Teachers College of Western Governors University (UT)

Elementary Training Curriculum-Classroom Management

Secondary Training Curriculum-Classroom Management
Classroom management portion of a student teaching observation instrument.
-Northwest University (WA)
-Armstrong Atlantic State University (GA)

Elementary Training Curriculum-Lesson Planning

Secondary Training Curriculum-Lesson Planning
Lesson planning templates.
-The State of Tennessee

Elementary Training Curriculum-Assessing Student Learning

Secondary Training Curriculum-Assessing Student Learning
Access to online modules designed by Tennessee to train preservice teachers on the use of standardized test data.

-Stephen F. Austin State University (TX)
-McMurry University (TX)
-Michigan State University (MI)

-Ohio Dominican University (OH)
-North Dakota State University (ND)
-Cedarville University (OH)

-West Texas A&M University (TX)
-Urbana University (OH)
-Bowling Green State University (OH)

Secondary Training Curriculum-Content Requirements
Examples of course requirements that ensure that teacher candidates preparing for physical science, general science or general social studies certification know the content of every subject they will be certified to teach.
-University of Hawaii - Manoa (HI)
Secondary Training Curriculum-Pedagogy
Syllabi for secondary ELA methods coursework.
-Old Dominion University (VA)
Special Education Training Curriculum-Instructional Design
Syllabi for special education coursework with instructional design assignments.

-California State University - Long Beach (CA)

-Cardinal Stritch University (WI)
-Chaminade University (HI)
-The College of William and Mary (VA)
-Delaware State University (DE)
-Florida Gulf Coast University (FL)
-Furman University (SC)
-Lake Superior State University (MI)
-Oklahoma State University (OK)
-The University of Arizona (AZ)
-The University of California-Berkeley (CA)
-The University of Montana-Western (MT)
-Western Washington University (WA)

Student Teaching Design
A large collection of student teaching materials related to placement and evaluation policies and practices.
-CUNY - Hunter (NY)
Using Outcomes Data
Strategies for using outcomes data for program improvement.