New in TR3: Which districts use third-party evaluators?

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In our TR3 database, we've long had information about what is included in teacher evaluations.  Now we're taking a closer look at who does the evaluating.

TR3 now identifies which of our 113 school districts use third-party evaluators, with data pulled from evaluation handbooks and collective bargaining agreements.  We define third-party evaluators as impartial, district-trained consulting teachers or administrators who are not based at any school.  You can see all of our third-party evaluator data, and much more information on teacher evaluations, by using TR3's custom report page.  

We found that out of all the TR3 districts, just eight districts require an impartial, third-party evaluator and four districts make third-party evaluators optional:

  • Required in the District of Columbia; Denver, CO; Greenville, SC; Hillsborough, FL; Minneapolis, MN; New Haven, CT; Pittsburgh, PA; and Brevard, FL (non-tenured only)
  • Optional in Memphis, TN; Northside, TX; Palm Beach, FL; and Spokane, WA

Together, that amounts to about 11 percent of TR3 districts.

With all the attention on reliability in teacher evaluations, it will be interesting to see if there's an upswing in these numbers. As personnel decisions become increasingly tied to evaluations, it's more important than ever that evaluations are consistent and fair.

-Ginger Moored