State Teacher Policy Database

Explore NCTQ data and analysis of state laws, rules, and regulations that shape the teaching profession- from teacher preparation, licensing, and evaluation to compensation, professional development, and dismissal policies.

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The 2017 Yearbook evaluates states against nine policy goals with this year's edition adding areas to reflect teacher diversity initiatives, principal evaluation and support systems, and state support for teacher leadership opportunities. The National Average in this year's Yearbook was a C-, with Florida and Louisiana receiving the highest grades (B+).

A Step Back

This year's Yearbook saw the most states' grades decline from the previous Yearbook than ever before, with roughly half of all states' grades remaining unchanged.

Bright Spots

There were some bright spots in the 2017 Yearbook. In the policy areas governing the structure of student teaching, providing more levels of ratings for evaluating teachers, and ramping up the quality of principal evaluations, a number of states moved the ball forward.

The National Overview offers a look at national trends in teacher policy. Select a specific policy area to explore NCTQ's comprehensive analysis.
State Analyses provide an in-depth look into each state's teacher policy findings and recommendations. Select a state for an overview and to explore by policy area.