Statement from Kate Walsh, President, National Council on Teacher Quality, on the PROSPER Act


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Washington, D.C. -- In eliminating Title II, the PROSPER Act applies a sledgehammer to a situation that more appropriately calls for a scalpel. Teacher preparation is an important and complex endeavor and one in which the United States is currently failing, as evidenced by the fact that currently, on the first attempt, more than half of elementary teacher candidates are unable to pass their state licensing test after spending years and tuition dollars preparing to be a teacher. While Congress is right to question the efficacy of Title II, given that it isn't sufficiently delivering on its purpose of "improving the preparation of prospective teachers," it is heading the wrong way. By maintaining and improving Title II in HEA reauthorization, Congress has an opportunity to significantly and meaningfully reform these grants to require rigorous and transparent public reporting by programs. We strongly encourage Congress to do so.


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