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There's no reason why student teaching shouldn't provide the same opportunity for high quality practice as do many residencies. We can fix what ails student teaching, without necessarily extending it to a full year, by becoming much more intentional about the experience itself. That's the work NCTQ is undertaking in earnest.

Student Teaching Reimagined

Dec 2017

Imagine if universities and school districts worked together to make sure that every aspiring teacher had the opportunity to really practice how to teach before taking over a classroom. This is NCTQ's vision, not just for improving teacher preparation, but achieving greater teacher quality in the United States.

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A Word from Kate Walsh

No idea captivates me more than fixing student teaching. Student teaching should and can serve as schools' primary source of high quality, low cost teaching talent and could also drive improvements in some long standing imbalances in teacher supply and demand.

There are 11 universal strategies every teacher candidate should practice in order to manage a classroom and improve student teaching.

Find out what those 11 strategies are in our two reports: Classroom Management and  Learning about Learning.

Classroom Management

Only 1 in 8 teachers are likely to have the right stuff needed to mentor a student teacher, yet the current system takes any volunteer.

Many great teachers are reluctant to mentor a student teacher. That could change beginning with giving them more say over their student teacher.

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Mentor Teachers

Great student teaching requires both districts and teacher prep programs to raise their standards.

Find out the recipe for a quality student teaching experience by reading Student Teaching in the United States.

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Only 14 states require that cooperating teachers are selected based on evidence of effectiveness.

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