Yet more apps for teachers

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NCTQ's most recent blogs pointed to helpful apps for those aiming to grasp Common Core Standards and effectively teach students to readIn the big, wide world of apps, there are also some to help teachers of students with special needs:

Special Education Dictionary:

This application, sold by the National Association of Special Education Teachers, gives you quick access to thousands of Special Ed terms. Can't remember exactly how the Americans with Disabilities Act characterizes a "qualified individual"? This app's got you covered.  (iTunes)

eCOVE Software: Special Education Edition:

This free application helps teachers observe their students' behavior and gather corresponding data. For example, a teacher can choose from a list of "tools" like "Affective Practices", "Peer Interaction", or "Time on Task". Then, within a particular "tool", a teacher can easily record his or her observations about a specific student. For example, under "Peer Interaction", a teacher can time how long a student engages in rough play, or in a cooperative plan. (iTunes)(Android)

Special Education Quick Reference Guide - Texas Edition:

For a state-specific collection of Special Ed terminology, take a look at this application that provides information concerning the ARD/IEP process in Texas. The state's current laws concerning topics like rights, eligibility, and placements, can be accessed with the tap of the finger. (iTunes)

Because of daily use, special education teachers may already feel up to speed on terminology and the ins and outs of special education processes. Elementary and secondary teachers may not be as familiar with these tools, potentially making these apps very useful.