When the school safety 'solution' is more terrifying than the problem

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Teachers in Harrold, Texas are permitted to bring guns into the classroom. Lawmakers in a number of municipalities in seven states are proposing legislation to allow educators to carry guns in schools. Reports are surfacing that teachers in Utah and Ohio are being offered free gun training sessions. These knee-jerk, ill-conceived responses to the tragedy of Newton have us stunned.

Are we coming to a point where teacher prep programs will have to add a course on gun safety, requiring candidates to log hours not only student teaching but at the shooting range, and passing a concealed weapon test?  Should teachers also have to be trained to shoot back during an active-shooter situation? 

Setting aside the logistical nightmare, more guns in schools will only make our schools less safe, not more.  Guns have absolutely no place in the classroom.  No way, no how.  As a former teacher and parent, I thought this was obvious...