Victory for Students in California…and Students Everywhere

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This is a day for the history books.  NCTQ thanks and congratulates all involved for the successful outcome of the Vergara case, in which California's tenure, dismissal and layoff policies have been found unconstitutional.  The immediate decision will impact 1 out of 8 public school children in the US, but it will certainly resonate well beyond California. This landmark case should put states across the country on notice:  Policies that are not in the best interest of students cannot stand.  We at NCTQ are so honored and proud to have been able to play a small role in the case. 

The case started with the remarkable courage of nine student plaintiffs.  And it ends with Judge Treu's unequivocal decision:  "The evidence is compelling.  Indeed it shocks the conscience."  

Indeed.  What a victory for the rights of all children to effective teachers.