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Transforming recruitment and hiring in Dallas

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Dallas Independent School District hires approximately 2,000 new teachers each year. It is transforming the way its human capital team works, adopting data-driven strategies for recruitment, selection and hiring. One of the many sources of evidence Dallas ISD uses is the Teacher Prep Review.

The district first evaluated past recruitment efforts based on NCTQ rankings to determine quality and whether they would have a future presence for recruiting season at the previously considered schools. Some schools have moved down or off of the list, while schools that previously were not targeted in the recruitment plans will become more of a focal point. The talent acquisition team travels near and far to find top talent to educate students. The team analyzed the NCTQ rankings carefully identifying the standards that best fit the districts needs and projected a strategic distribution for early contracts.

The new recruitment plan this year will strategically include places such as University of HoustonArizona State University and Northwestern State University of Louisiana based on their rankings from NCTQ. Top students at these universities can look for early contracts from Dallas. These new teachers have had the training and preparation that will prepare them to meet the district's needs and they'll be welcomed into a district whose goal is to develop, support and reward their teachers for effectiveness in the classroom.