Teacher Prep News Round-up: September 14

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Even as the Chicago strike rightly dominates edu-news, there is more and more evidence that state officials are feeling urgency around improving teacher prep. It's good to see a higher education leader step up to the challenge

Michigan's state department of education put Western Michigan's College of Education on the "at-risk" list. In response, WMU's president (who has a doctorate in education) promises to make the institution's teacher prep program one of the best in the country.

Iowa's state board of education signals that it is taking Governor Branstad's call for higher standards for teacher preparation very seriously.

What used to be a rubber-stamp teacher prep program approval process in Connecticut became a bit tougher last week. with one program given "provisional" approval and another just eking out full approval. Commissioner Stefan Pryor promised that "future rounds of this process will look differently."

Last year, Kentucky allowed Teach for America to place corps members in Appalachia. The state wants to see TFA spur improvement in traditional teacher prep, to the point where they can put "TFA out of business."

--Arthur McKee