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Starting in November, we're making big changes, allowing you to customize the content you get from NCTQ. You'll need to u update your preferences to proceed.


Daily TQ news clips: We're taking public our own internal news clip service and we promise you that this will be the best daily news clip service you'll find covering TQ developments. Hands down.

(Also, on a daily level of frequency is our blog Pretty Darn Quick (PDQ) blog. This is not a subscription item but needs to come through your RSS feed.)


Teacher Quality Bulletin (TQB): Starting this month, our aging 10-year-old newsletter, TQB, is getting a serious face lift. However, it will still be a one-stop shop for big TQ news, new research, unfettered opinion, new job postings, and favorites from our blog.


District-Level Updates: If you have a particular interest in tq developments at the school-district level, you'll want to sign up for this. Nancy Waymack, NCTQ's Managing Director of District Studies, and her team will make sure that readers stay au courant with district news, particularly the latest contract negotiations.

If you subscribe to this content, you'll also automatically receive the monthly Tr3 Trends e-letter. Each month, we draw data from our Tr3 database to highlight the latest trends in school district policies and collective bargaining agreements nationwide. In October, we looked at changes in how teacher performance is evaluated and factored into pay and layoff decisions. In this issue, we see how these changes, mostly made at the state level, are playing out on the district level. Read more.

State-Level Updates: If you have a particular interest in state-level policy developments, this option is for you. Sandi Jacobs, NCTQ's Managing Director for State Policy, and her cracker jack State Teacher Policy Yearbook team will keep you up to speed with the dizzying pace (we never thought we'd say that) of state policy developments on teacher quality.

Teacher Prep Updates: There's actually only one organization in the country where you can get regular updates on teacher prep news and that is us. Arthur McKee, NCTQ's Managing Director of Teacher Prep, will keep you informed not only on the ins and outs concerning NCTQ's Teacher Prep Review, but also any new developments in this increasingly **hot** area

So take a second to update your preferences.