Survey says . . . Teachers support the Common Core

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Here's some refreshing news on Common Core State Standards (CCSS): early results from a report by Scholastic and the Gates Foundation reveal that a majority of math and English/ language arts teachers surveyed in Common Core states are excited about the new standards. Elementary school teachers were the most enthusiastic about implementing the CCSS (81%) and high school teachers the least (57%). A majority of those surveyed felt that the standards will be positive for students, and most felt that they would improve students' critical thinking skills.

Where implementation has already begun, 64% of math and English/ language arts teachers believe the process is going smoothly but expressed a need for more planning time and professional development. Overall, teachers believe that the challenges of implementation are outweighed by the satisfaction of teaching.

This is in striking contrast to recent news from states like Florida, Tennessee and Wisconsin, where an 11th-hour review of the CCSS has parents, legislators and some teachers rethinking the wisdom of the new standards for a variety of reasons, including data, textbook choices, constitutionality issues and union concerns.

Change is always hard, but it is good to see that the teachers surveyed are up to the challenge.