Stories of teacher talent across the nation

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In light of the upcoming holiday week, we thought we would bring you some stories of good cheer--the kind that don't usually get a lot of attention. These stories provide just a few glimpses into the many classrooms led by dedicated, creative, and talented teachers throughout the country:

  • Josh Hoekstra, a teacher in Minnesota, channels the madness of March into a history tournament.
  • Nebraskan teacher Nancy Gould tackled the latest research to learn more about her students' reading struggles and ended up bringing several new strategies into her classroom. 
  • Pennsylvanian Jennifer Hoffner brings remarkable energy and skill to her teaching, keeping her wiggly first grade students engaged in their learning.
  • A teacher in Maine, Jeff Riddle, leads students in an outdoor club, teaching them about leadership, nature, and fitness through adventures, including backpacking in the White Mountain National Forest. 
  • Patrice Marbry, in Alabama, designs lessons and benchmark tests that support students in applying not only their knowledge of physical science but also team-work and critical thinking.

And for all of you in need of last minute gift ideas, might we suggest a donation through Here's a story of New York's Emily Chandler --one enterprising teacher who raised $20,000 for her students and classroom through the site... 'tis the season! 

From all of us at NCTQ, we wish you joyous holidays and a happy new year.  We will see you in 2013!