Our commitment to getting the Review right

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This week, we launched a "due diligence" process for our Teacher Prep Review that will help ensure the accuracy of our ratings and enhance the value of our review as a resource for the field.

We sent letters to the deans of 49 ed schools asking them to review our findings of their undergraduate elementary and secondary education programs. Most of the institutions invited to participate are located in states (New York, Tennessee and Washington) where we have access to data on the impact of recent teacher prep grads on student learning. Because of the interest in conducting research on teacher prep outcomes, those institutions have been put at the "front of the line" for all of the stages of the review's analysis, including this process. We plan to use this data to learn more about the connection between our ratings of programs and novice teachers' impact on their students. We've also selected a smaller random sample of programs in 13 other states to round out the analysis.

The due diligence process will help us determine whether we need to make adjustments to our methodology. Any such adjustments will be made before the release of our review in the spring. Additionally, institutions taking part in the process will have the opportunity to present us with evidence if they feel our findings are in error. We will carefully examine what they send us and, if necessary, revise our findings.

We look forward to working with the deans at these institutions to ensure that our Review is as accurate as possible.

--Arthur McKee