Operation better assignments

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We're surprising ourselves today by looking to the New York City Police Department as a potential role model for school districts. 

The New York Times recently reported that the City's past practice of assigning rookie police officers to high-crime areas called "Operation Impact" zones would soon be a thing of the past. Instead, these areas would be patrolled by more experienced officers who know the neighborhoods and new police officers would be assigned to precincts where they can learn from mentor officers.

From the article:

An inexperienced officer without the proper guidance might stop a group of friends from school hanging out, thinking they are a gang, or give tickets to double-parked cars in front of a Brooklyn church, another retired commander said. "A precinct cop realizes that those kids are from the high school and those cars have been double-parked there every Sunday for 35 years," he said. "You miss the opportunity for a seasoned officer to help you hone all of the skills it takes to be a police officer."

Looks like the police have recognized trial by fire isn't the way to go. Teachers shouldn't have to learn the hard way either...