Jindal bit off more than the judge could chew

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A headline a couple days ago certainly caught our attention: Louisiana teacher tenure changes ruled unconstitutional. This is big!

Well, turns out, the only big thing about this is apparently the scope of the bill in question. Jindal's ed reform legislation from last year was thrown out Monday for containing "too many items." No judgment was made on any of the actual contents of the bill.

This technicality refers to the 'one object provision,' in place in most states to protect against legislative logrolling and free-riding. To our knowledge, this procedural card has not been pulled before on any other states' ed reform bills, many which are quite comprehensive in nature.

Jindal's team is appealing the decision. Even if the appeal is lost and the bill ultimately has to be subdivided and reintroduced, it's unlikely any of the reforms will be squashed. The tenure and compensation bill passed 64-40 in the House last March and 23-16 in the Senate last April. The support margin here is large and legislator turnover has been small, which frankly, makes this look like a stall tactic.