Data vacuum: State intel on principals a black hole

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As our State Teacher Policy Yearbook has shown, states are collecting more and more information about teachers' performance and their students' achievement. How often do school leaders receive the same level of review? 

The George W. Bush Institute says not often enough, in a new report finding that many states lack even the most basic data on principals. Caught in this data vacuum are seven states who don't count how many principal licenses are granted, 19 who can't say how many people graduate from principal preparation programs, and 45 who don't examine principals' effectiveness when renewing their licenses. 

This study is a fascinating first look at how little states know about their schools' instructional leaders. However, the universe of valuable information extends beyond the topics this report examines. We're hoping future iterations can delve into more issues that parallel critical teacher quality topics such as whether states require principal candidates to conduct their clinical experience in effective schools and whether they factor performance into salary.