DQC: More states sharing teacher performance data with teacher prep

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Today the Data Quality Campaign released its latest Data for Action report, showing that states are making progress towards building and using effective education data systems. 

We are happy to see that 17 states now share teacher performance data with in-state teacher preparation programs.  We've found that just six of these states (Delaware, Florida, Louisiana, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee) also make these data available to the public (see our Connecting the Dots report for the details).  We hope other states follow the lead of these six, since seeing the link between teacher prep programs and graduates' success in the classroom is as valuable for prospective teachers and hiring school districts as it is to teacher prep programs.

This is just one of the interesting findings in the DQC report. Take a look at the full report to see which states are ahead of the curve in tracking and using student and teacher data.