Common Core... There's an app for that

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The Common Core State Standards, adopted in 45 states and the District of Columbia, can appear a bit daunting. Now -- thanks to smart phone apps -- they may become a little easier to grasp and use. Here are some that we found appealing:

Common Core Standards (MasteryConnect) - This free app provides information on all the standards broken down by subject area and grade level. Want to know what competencies a 7th grade student is expected to have in language arts? Find out instantly with this app. In a review, one user wrote, "Love this app! It is so handy to pull up on my phone when I am writing an IEP. It makes goal writing less time consuming." (iTunes) (Android)

Common Core Resource Search (Excelgrade) - This free app also provides information on all of the standards in a very digestible format. What's more, this app provides links to online lessons for each sub-standard and also has a news feed. (Android)

JogNog (G7 Research) - This app, which offers many free features, contains over 1,300 Common Core-aligned quizzes written and fact-checked by teachers. The quizzes are short, provide direct feedback, and can be used in the classroom or at home. A JogNog user commented, "This app makes learning fun and easy -- it's very informative. I forgot how much we learned in school." (iTunes) (Android)

Common Core Math English Tests (Lumos Learning) - This free app provides exactly what its name says: Common Core-aligned tests for grades 3-8 in mathematics and language arts. Additionally, the app gives the option of taking quizzes in "learning" mode, which provides step-by-step explanations of the answers. One user wrote, "Phenomenal! A fun way for kids to get extra practice. Great common core material." (iTunes) (Android)

These are only a handful of the many Common Core apps available. We'd welcome (and will post) teacher comments on these or other apps that are helpful.