Classroom Management at the push of a button

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It's the first week of school. You've meticulously developed your class rules, written them on colorful posters, and taught your students what it means to follow them. Your work is done! Oh - except that you have to make sure your students stick to the rules for the next nine months.

Don't worry - of course there's an app for that!

We've previously highlighted apps for Common Core, Special Needs, and Reading. Today's app inventory delves into classroom management. 

Want to reinforce routines and make sure your students stay on task? Check out Stop Go!, which allows you to set a timer for tasks and uses a stoplight to indicate when time is running out. Track noise levels with Too Noisy, which warns students when the room is too loud.

Need to note when students are following - or flaunting - the rules? Some apps will help you praise positive behavior and address misbehavior for individual students. Class Dojo lets you share summary reports with parents and display information to students in real time. Teacher's Assistant Pro: Track Student Behavior lets you track student behavior and stores contact information so that if a student gets out of hand or does something amazing, you can contact parents with the push of a button. Teacher's Class BEHAVIOR PRO similarly lets you record students' behavior, registers the time at which specific instances occur, and produces a daily log for review. 

Concerned that you may be favoring certain students when it's time to answer a question? Apps can make sure that you keep all students engaged in the lesson. Teacher Tools - Who's Next? lets you randomly select students to call on and randomly generates student groups. Stick Pick also randomly selects students and generates question stems based on Bloom's Taxonomy; you can also track whether students get the questions right or wrong. 

Teachers, what other apps have you found that help you keep up with the Big Five of classroom management?