Another thanks to state school chiefs

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We are honored to announce the addition of five more state school chiefs to the list of endorsers for our National Review of Teacher Preparation Programs.  Representing states spanning the country from the north to south and east to west, encompassing nearly 800 school districts and over five million Pre K-12th grade students, their endorsements send a strong message about the desire for more transparency and information for consumers about teacher prep. 

These far-thinking chiefs (Mitchell Chester, Massachusetts; James Guthrie, Nevada; Thomas Luna, Idaho and also President of the Council of Chief State School Officers; Gerard Robinson, Florida; and John White, Louisiana)  recognize that in order to meet the challenges of successfully implementing the Common Core state standards and creating real and lasting improvement in K-12 education, foundational components such as the quality of the programs that produce the vast majority of classroom teachers simply cannot be ignored. 
We also would like to thank the Urban League of Greater Miami, Reading Matters to Maine, the Wisconsin Reading Coalition, Mass Insight Education & Research Institute, and the Superintendents of Cherokee County and Savannah-Chatham County in Georgia for their recent endorsements.

Kate Walsh