An inside look at some of the top teacher prep programs

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Today NCTQ released its Teacher Prep Review, which takes a close look at the quality of training provided by 2,420 teacher preparation programs across the country. Our results show that most have a long way to go to get teachers classroom ready from day one.

But there are some programs that stand out. To paint a picture of what strong teacher prep can look like, we've created short videos on some of the programs that excel overall (Lipscomb UniversityOhio State) or in particular areas (Louisiana State in elementary math, Arizona State in student teaching, and Morgan State in elementary and secondary content).

It's programs like these that aspiring teachers should strongly think about applying to and that districts should look to recruit from. And it's programs like these that can serve as models for the field as a whole.

Lipscomb University (Tennessee)
Strengths: Undergraduate secondary overall (4/4 stars)

Ohio State University

Strengths: Graduate secondary overall (4/4 stars), graduate elementary overall (3.5/4 stars)

Lousiana State University

Strengths: Common Core elementary mathematics (4/4 stars) and selection criteria (4/4 stars) for undergraduate elementary

Arizona State University

Strengths: Student teaching for undergraduate and graduate elementary and secondary (4/4 stars), Common Core high school content for graduate secondary (4/4 stars)

Morgan State University

Strengths: Common Core elementary content (4/4 stars) and Common Core high school content (4/4 stars) for undergraduates