A Better Path

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The Path to Teach (PTT) website is new and improved.

We're adding features to make it easier for future teachers like you to find your best college.

Previously, to get all the necessary info, you had to constantly flip between the PTT website and a regular college guide (online or a book). PTT had the teacher info -- grades and rankings; the general guide had the numbers you need on costs, debt, and grad rates.

Now, you can instantly grab both sets of info from the PTT website. No more alt-tabbing.

At PTT you can find information on: how much money new teachers make in any state, the size, admissions requirements, and diversity of the teacher prep program, and more.

Thanks to these changes, it is a lot easier for you to incorporate the teacher prep ratings and info as you consider your college choices.

NCTQ has big plans do even more with these ratings and other data on undergraduate teacher prep programs. Watch this space for a big announcement early this Fall.

And if you are interested in becoming a high school teacher and feel ignored since so much of this site seems focused on would-be elementary teachers, don't worry. We will post our secondary school grading early in May and will begin blogging on issues involving middle and high school teachers soon afterwards.

-- Sam Lubell