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Tax Time


It's tax day in America, the day we settle up with Uncle Sam for all of the services provided for the common good, including education.

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Illinois ed schools recognize what state does not


Good going, Illinois deans!

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Spring may be here, but some districts still have to deal with winter


While the snow may be gone, its impact lingers. School districts across the country are scrambling to make up "snow days" to meet state-required minimums for instructional time.

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Show me the (retirement) money!


Two new studies show that teacher pensions are unfair and that the problem is getting worse…

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New from NCTQ: Teacher evaluation timelines


To help illustrate the teacher evaluation landscape, NCTQ has developed a set of briefs that provide a primer on each state's evaluation requirements and timeline for implementation. …

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Putting basic skills first in Illinois


Illinois' poorly-timed basic skills test is leaving teacher candidates out in the cold…

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Light it up Blue!


World Autism Awareness Day is celebrated by lighting up buildings blue…

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Equity can't be addressed without looking at opportunity


We can't close the achievement gap if we don't close the opportunity gap. …

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March 2014: Teacher Salaries and Housing Affordability


We're excited to bring back the Teacher Trendline series with one of our most popular topics: teacher salaries. …

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The new buzz is the same as the old buzz: Foundational early reading skills and the Common Core


Although foundational reading skills are included in the Common Core, are they getting kicked to the curb as yesterday's buzzwords?

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Student achievement matters most


Successful charter school, Eagle Academy for Young Men, struggles to receive private funding because its teachers are unionized.

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