Clinical Practice Framework

Six Focus Areas for Effective Student Teaching

March 2024

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Clinical Practice Framework

Too many new teachers start their careers unprepared for the realities of the classroom because they haven't had enough high-quality "hands on" practice. Their students lose out on learning because of it.

NCTQ's new Clinical Practice Framework details the six areas of clinical practice—backed by research and supported by the field—that lead to a strong clinical practice experience. For each focus area, we break down the action items for school districts, prep programs, and states, respectively.

  1. Strong district-prep program partnerships
  2. Student teacher-cooperating teacher matches
  3. Cooperating teachers and program supervisor training
  4. Student teacher placement sites
  5. Student teacher skill development
  6. Data and outcomes
Download our Defining Types of Clinical Practice brief for a common vocabulary around the various preparation models and the Clinical Practice Framework Research Rationale
for more information about the research supporting the six focus areas.

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