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Dr. Andrew Chen

Dr. Chen is the President of EduTron Corporation. Before founding EduTron he was a professor and a principal research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He continues to teach and conducts research in physics. He frequently consults with education research institutions, including the Institute for Education Science at the U.S. Dept. of Education, and Achieve, Inc. Dr. Chen is on the Common Core State Standards Development Team in Mathematics. Locally he is on the Mathematics and Science Advisory Council for the Massachusetts Board of Education.

Dr. Chen provides high quality professional development in mathematics and science to teachers at all levels through Intensive Immersion Institutes. He works with school districts and school administrators to increase their capacity to support excellent mathematics and science instruction. Dr. Chen also works with higher education institutions to develop rigorous and effective pre-service and in-service offerings in mathematics and science. He was an Adviser for the Massachusetts 2008 Guidelines for the Mathematical Preparation of Elementary Teachers.

Dr. Chen received a PhD in physics from Columbia University.

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