Training Our Future Teachers: Easy A's and What's Behind Them

November 2014

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Training Our Future Teachers: Easy A's and What's Behind Them

Using evidence from more than 500 colleges and universities producing nearly half of the nation's new teachers annually, this report answers two questions that go to the heart of whether the demands of teacher preparation are well matched to the demands of the classroom: Are teacher candidates graded too easily, misleading them about their readiness to teach? Are teacher preparation programs providing sufficiently rigorous training, or does the approach to training drive higher grades?


  1. Easy A's - Full Report
  2. Executive Summary
  3. Fact Sheet
  4. All Appendices
  5. Appendix A - Scores
  6. Appendix B - Grade Difference Methodology
  7. Appendix C - Coursework Methodology
  8. Appendix D - Converting Assignments
  9. Appendix E - Validating Findings
  10. Appendix F - Statistical Relationships
  11. Appendix G - Effects of High Grades

Easy A's in the News

NCTQ's report on the lack of rigor in teacher prep has caught the attention of ed schools, teachers, and policymakers. Many people think this work sheds light on a phenomenon in teacher prep that deserves attention and reform, while a few others took a less favorable view of the report. Here are some recent stories about this work.

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