A Fair Chance: Program Action Guide

April 2019

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A Fair Chance: Program Action Guide

A Fair Chance: Simple steps to strengthen and diversify the teacher workforce examined a particularly troubling issue, the fact that so many elementary teacher candidates struggle to pass licensing tests in the essential content needed to teach elementary grades. This inadequate content knowledge is not a problem that begins with post-secondary institutions—but it can end there. It is also not a problem that teacher preparation programs can solve alone. The report explored course requirements, both from general education requirements and the education major, finding missed opportunities to align these requirements to what candidates need to know to do well on their licensing tests and, more importantly, to teach elementary grades.

We've learned firsthand from programs that have aligned requirements that setting these requirements is possible - but often takes collaboration across the institution. This action guide shares their tips and provides additional resources to support your program with these efforts. 

In this Program Action Guide, you'll find:
- What content knowledge do elementary teacher candidates need?
- Criteria for great courses - and examples of ones that miss the mark
- Steps prep programs should take, including examples from real prep programs
- Guidance for topics in states' tests, including resources like curriculum crosswalks

Download the full PDF above or view the web version of the Program Action Guide here.

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