Lead Mentor

The Role of the Lead Mentor

The Commonwealth of Virginia requires school districts to assign trained mentors to all beginning teachers new to the profession and to all experienced teachers new to school districts. A lead mentor at each site helps the school administrator with the implementation of this requirement through the Great Beginnings Mentor Program.

Lead Mentor Responsibilities

A lead mentor has the following responsibilities:

  • Recruit mentors for all new teachers at the school site. Pending budget approval, experienced teachers serving as mentors for zero-experience beginning teachers will receive a stipend and 90 recertification points upon completion of all responsibilities. Experienced teachers serving as mentors for experienced teachers new to Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) will receive up to 90 recertification points upon completion of all responsibilities.
  • Collaborate with the school administration and other experienced new-teacher mentors to address the basic orientation of first-year teachers and the varying levels of support needed by experienced teachers new to FCPS.
  • Conduct a one-day August orientation prior to the start of the contract year.
  • Attend two annual workshop sessions conducted by the Department of Professional Learning and Accountability (PLA).
  • Monitor the mentor program at the school site to assure that new teachers receive the support they need.

Stipend: Pending budget approval, a stipend will be provided to each lead mentor for the coordination and training responsibilities of this program as well as one day of non-contract service.

Lead Mentor Selection

Each principal is requested to appoint a lead mentor for the school year. Principals should consider individuals who possess the following characteristics :

  • Ability to convey a sense.
  • Willingness and ability to assist teachers and to share strategies and ideas.
  • Successful at classroom teaching, viewed as a leader by the staff, and respected by the school community.
  • Personal traits such as friendliness, empathy, flexibility, and a positive, cooperative attitude.
  • Substantial knowledge of content and curriculum requirements.
  • Willingness to serve in this capacity for at least a two-year period.
  • Extensive knowledge in Best Practices for Teaching and Learning and the 3 Big Ideas of Learning Communities.

Principals who anticipate hiring fewer than 15 teachers new to FCPS should select one lead mentor.

Principals who anticipate hiring more than 15 teachers new to FCPS should select two lead mentors.

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