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Friday, April 20, 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

What changes are made as part of a school turnaround?
 Although changes vary from school to school, most schools experience some of the following:
  • A new focus on strong school leaders, including a new principal and extra support staff
  • An extended learning day
  • New technology (more computers and SMART Boards)
  • Increased mentoring and professional development for teachers
  • Specific programs and afterschool  clubs to help students develop skills and interests
What special resources do turnaround schools receive?
Eligible schools receive the School Improvement Grant, a federal grant that provides extra resources in addition to the local, state and federal funds these schools already receive. Some schools receive additional support from Race to the Top (another federal grant) or City Schools specifically.


How long does a turnaround take?
Turnaround schools receive special resources and support for three years. And it is expected that significant changes will take place during that time in an effort to build the foundation for long-term reform.


Why should I consider attending a turnaround school?
Turnaround schools represent an exciting opportunity to be part of something innovative and new. They may bring new focuses on areas such as the arts, technology or the environment, plus built-in hands-on activities and internship opportunities.


Turnaround schools are also a district priority, and the increase in focus, resources and support make them well positioned to improve and provide students with excellent opportunities to succeed in school and life.


Why was my school chosen?
Every year, City Schools reviews its portfolio of schools to determine where it can make the most effective changes to improve options for students. The district considers a wide range of factors and works closely with school communities to identify potential candidates for turnaround. It selects those persistently low-performing schools that it believes will—with a new direction and additional resources—dramatically turn performance around and realize high levels of student achievement.


Which schools have been included in the turnaround process?
Please see the list of current turnaround schools.
Have more questions?
Contact Cecelia Martin in the Office of Turnaround Schools at