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Contract round up: Los Angeles and San Diego


In this edition of Catching up on Contracts, we parse the major policy changes of the latest contracts in two large California districts: Los Angeles and San Diego.Los Angeles Unified School District,...


Contract round up: Portland (OR) and Fresno


In this month’s edition of Catching up on Contractswe look at two districts, Portland Public Schools in Oregon and the Fresno Unified School District in California. 


Contract round up: Clark County (NV), Kansas City (MO) and Portland (ME)


This month’s installment of Catching up on Contracts brings news of contract changes in three school districts in NCTQ’s Teacher Contract DatabaseClark County (NV) School DistrictKansas City (MO) School District and Portland (ME) Public Schools.


Contract round up: Mesa, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Long Beach and Hartford


This month's Catching up on Contracts focuses on salaries and benefits in the five districts we reviewed. In four of the featured districts, Oklahoma City Public SchoolsOmaha Public SchoolsLong Beach Unified School District and Hartford Public Schools, the salary changes are nothing out of the ordinary. However, one district, Mesa Public Schools, introduced a complete overhaul of its previous salary structure this school year.


Latest updates in Minneapolis, Granite and Bridgeport


This month’s installment of Catching up on Contracts covers the new contracts in three  districts in NCTQ’s Teacher Contract Database:  Minneapolis Public SchoolsGranite School District and  Bridgeport Public Schools


Contract Round Up


Today's latest installment in our series on new contracts and other policy changes in NCTQ's Teacher Contract Database, will highlight a few of the changes that jumped out at us in six districts: Indianapolis, Albuquerque, Cleveland, Rochester, Anchorage and Christina (DE).