Making the most of who you have: Academic and behavioral gains from repeat teachers

A new study finds sizable gains for students when they are assigned to a teacher for the second time.


Measuring “good” teaching is complicated

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What do we know about retaining special education teachers of color?

New research finds that paraprofessional support, time, caseload, resources, and professional development all play major factors in retention.


Reducing certification requirements and reviewing the effects: Texas tracks the data on the state’s temporary teacher waiver policy

Temporary gains accompanied by longer-term challenges.


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Frequent observations and feedback can help teachers excel in the classroom.


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A focus on teacher recruitment without appropriate attention to retention is like trying to collect water in a sieve.


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New research explores the dynamic between teacher relationship skills and elementary student learning in math and literacy.


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We examine if and how 148 large U.S. school districts use strategic pay to recruit and retain teachers.


Setting sights lower: States back away from elementary teacher licensure tests

Many states are moving to eliminate existing measures of content knowledge for aspiring teachers, citing concerns around possible teacher shortages.


Making Secretary Cardona’s vision for the teaching profession a reality

Beyond the important areas outlined in the Secretary's remarks, we see two big challenges to the goal of access and...