Because you probably haven’t been paying attention…

Take your eyes off the pounding surf for a moment to read my top three interesting developments worth noting.


How do school districts compensate teachers for advanced degrees?

Among the largest districts in the country, 88 percent offer an increase in pay to teachers who earn master's degrees.


Who does it better? Comparing undergraduate and graduate teacher training programs

It's reasonable to assume that a master's degree in teaching should provide new teachers with a leg up compared to...


Adjusting, not abandoning, teacher eval

There are new teacher evaluation systems that show substantial promise, but as with any systemic effort, we need to watch...


When more is less

Time and again research has failed to find evidence that earning a master's degree make a teacher more effective.


Are teacher prep programs all alike?

A new paper adds to the growing body of research pointing out just how difficult it is to tell teacher...


Is a teachers union that doesn’t fight every dismissal still a teachers union?

The public may not have much noticed the Janus v. AFSCME decision from the US Supreme Court, but the unions...


Evaluation Essentials: How do districts measure up?

Districts' policies should enable teachers and administrators to fully capitalize on the benefits provided by strong evaluation practices.


Statement on the decision in Janus vs. AFSCME

The Supreme Court's decision to end unions' ability to collect "agency fees" from nonconsenting employees puts the onus squarely on...


Ripple effects: effective teaching echoes for years

The nation has taken steps toward giving all students, regardless of their background, equal access to great teachers. By more...


Increasing the value of student teaching

Student teaching is intended to serve as the opportunity for aspiring teachers to apply what they have learned from their...


Drowning in data from the OECD

Though I've never considered myself an isolationist, I am increasingly questioning the value of looking beyond American borders for insights...


How are districts and states using pay to staff high-need schools and subjects?

Paying teachers more to work in high-need schools and subjects—known as "differential pay"—is one of the most powerful tools school...


Strong support for rigorous principal evaluations

In Tennessee schools, accountability starts at the top - and that might be making all the difference.


Can better applicant screening raise teacher quality?

It's teacher hiring season, and school districts are out in full force working to recruit teachers.