Evaluating teachers during the pandemic

Of the 24 states that have released guidance on teacher evaluation for SY20-21 thus far, 21 are still requiring summative...


October surprises

Science has taken some really hard knocks in 2020. Over the past week, however, science had a couple of well-needed...


Preparing for reality: Bringing together the head, heart, and habits

Teacher preparation is a delicate balance between having a broad enough lens to account for the multitude of contexts those...


Changing habits: easier than changing hearts and minds?

The path to becoming anti-racist is long, challenging, and for teachers, essential. Tackling one's mindset and implicit biases takes hard...


Leave and health insurance for teachers: safeguards amid COVID-19 worries

In the absence of a federal protection, it becomes the jurisdiction of individual districts to lay out protocols.


What we’re reading: The stubborn myth of “learning styles”

Some excellent recent research and analysis from William Furey and Education Next exposes that more than half of states continue...


Does experience make the best teacher?

At first blush, this new study appears to confirm the well-established finding that more experienced teachers are not really much...


The early bird gets the better teacher candidate pool

Pervasive late hiring processes hinder districts' ability to hire high-quality teacher candidates, yet still many districts can't seem to rise out of...


Is the one-track mind of the ed reform movement doing more harm than good?

The absence of a college diploma, or worse, someone not wanting one, has become something that must be overcome, which reveals...


Substitute teachers during the pandemic: requirements, benefits, and pay

Although districts reopening schools virtually may have less need for substitute teachers due to teachers' reduced exposure to illness, districts...


Why, then, do teachers leave?

Teacher turnover has proven to be not only costly for schools, but also detrimental to teacher effectiveness and student learning....


Testing, testing… Are teachers less likely to quit when states stop testing?

Does removing the stress of a standardized test keep teachers in the classroom?


Is undergraduate preparation the best way to train a teacher?

Unlike any other state, the majority of Texas teachers are prepared by non-traditional programs.


Meeting the moment: Preparing teachers to teach for equity

What is it going to take for teachers to enter the classroom ready to close the opportunity gap, rather than...


To do right by students with disabilities, principals need better tools

A recent study from CALDER provides some insight into how a lack of information may contribute to the challenge of...